Listen: "Defensive lineman Mario Williams"

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Alex Goodlett
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With offensive lineman Mario Williams Oakland is agree to sign former Seattle linebacker Bruce Irvin the New York Jets are set the Sunday Norris Jenkins and the Boston Herald is reporting at this hour the Patriots have interest and wide receiver Mohamed Sanu Calvin Johnson is announced his retirement the Red Sox won in Sarasota Florida yesterday five one over Baltimore Joe Kelly pitches against Pittsburgh today sports onto brought to you by Salem five upgrade your wallet was start checking from Salem five featuring Apple play in Mobile deposits learn more at Salem five dot com I'm John Wallach of Boston's all for sports hernia five The Sports of your next update in thirty minutes more here's a look at when speaking this morning today is expected to be the warmest days since early November today round seventy will be cooler along the South Co sick tap-in islands the record high for this date in Boston is set to be to have a set in two thousand the plane out by the former line Santo chemical plant side in Everett is on hold now from when Resorts which plans to build a casino on the side when says it won't proceed with the next phase of between out because of Summerville challenge of escape environmental permit for the project I've compromise Galen Beacon Hill to deal with the state's Opie or the addiction crisis it would limit first prescriptions to a seven day supply has set an evaluation requirement within twenty-four hours for overdose victims to go to a hospital hours today's forecast partly cloudy the high rounds seventy sector and presented to ten thirty for traffic and weather together on the three time devil all are W Beasley News radio ten thirty store the same flagship station this was the direction of the NHL in that night the fees sports for me one the Bruins your next Sunday that a beauty icing motion it's time for me trying three.