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Streeter Lecka
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I'm not the bigs but the soccer game and the world trouble cut soccer games began with the men kicking a football now that may not seem like much until you realize that that man was paralyzed he was acquired your play Jake and get a Duke University they put it Tippett is frame connected the chipped a laptop and then to an actual skeleton giving him big gift of mobility but he can now walk he can out interact even though he is basically of vegetable trapped inside his own mind and The Pentagon has recently given a fifty million dollar contract just a few months ago do the person who could develop a memory Chip memory chipped for our Wounded Warriors who have problems with memory because of injury sustained interact and Afghanistan well it turns out that scientists have actually created that's or memory chipped for Animals and now we wanna create a memory chip for humans as well especially Alzheimer's patience an people suffering from brain injuries we can already record memories now this is been done and mice and we will do it for prime age and eventually four Alzheimer's patience just think about it brain pace maker so you pusher button and memories come flooding into the hip a cap of your brain giving you your memory back again or at least isolated memories and so these are just some of the exciting developments being done in the mind all because of physics because of physics we can now look into the living brain and see thoughts literally a record Shane back and forth inside the living brain so why not give the gift of knowledge to a loved one by getting your copy of the future of the mine and once again going to my website windup we're all be speaking the website is and caught could dot org am Kate educate you dot org and you can go to my Facebook site that's meet she'll Cockrell we have a whip two point seven million people that Tower that come to my website on on Facebook and who to my Twitter account because on Twitter We have half a million people picking up that Twitter fee that I give on Twitter so these are just some of the ways that you can interact with me but why not simply interact with me directly by calling the Magic number eight six six three two three two one two nine leave your name but call letters of the radio station here coming from and to City Year coming from and perhaps you can get on national radio okay well let's move right ahead now to our listener phone calls let's take the first list are funk off NFL manner words their current or the and so all we're may not he was headed and a couple of years he knows that there's a beautiful and kids a runner up finish Fielding and Nick Foligno was the one and there is no no.