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Earth and Environment

Listen: "Sea levels could rise much faster than predicted"

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Joe Raedle
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It doesn't bother cry hitters something else the levelled could rise much faster than previously predicted as much an hit me by twenty one hundred Gumbel previous predictions because of Antarctica app according to a new study in the journal nature their researchers compared data from previous warm period then earth path and protected that if we don't cut and I outside admission we could trigger accelerated melting in part because Math I he wish along with nothing play here than the Greenland ice sheet really could close he levelled at the three depicts thinks by the end of the answering while all the call that a lot of men made earthquake are on the rise that if gate triggered by the front hitting and reviews of the underground injection well to disclose the topic waste water in the first half are starting to include the risk of in his earthquake us Geological Survey warrant now that seven million Americans are at risk of man made earthquake from Colorado has handed Ohio Oklahoma and that is Ecuador has established a new Marine sanctuary and make a lot of gun violence with a total man on finishing to protect the world's most important breathing grounds for start and finally the nation of Scotland that close if Blach cold firepower planned and of now entirely Cole three on July could he have now generated by Nick cleaner burning natural gaffe nuclear and Renewable particularly popular when Farms Britain is set to close it last called Plant next year well I guess going back to the Stone Age that's with ten Cruz night for much more on all her story today and ones we couldn't get to check on our website at Green to not grab Blog Don't forget you can download a report any kind of years Fisher shooting or IQ find us and follow us on Facebook and Twitter at three new report grab Blog dot com.