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Mall Of America Hires Its First Black Santa, Online Rage Follows

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Adam Bettcher
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Ackley now you people like lighting fires out right up against the building there's stay warm and i mean this all kinds of stuff going on and like like this situation is one entrance in a now the building every other entrances blocked or build over there is no way that that crowd of people to get out of that of the raging inferno world are descent working allow this would in all the like for a fumble stuff in their scary the i'm all america has hired a black santa claus which i guess is out rage some people the minnesota all comments that came after the sit tired its first black santa claus for the malls santa experience so my line protesters who were annoyed with the idea so that they went on to the minnesota star tribune in left comments there in the comments were extremely racist there also is a boycott of them all because of this team all something now i'm still center this is by the way leary jefferson any until airy black sam no by does have the san of college i guess the kids and an opportunity see sam that look like now you know and it gets some something to identify with but santa is still just that just us area those are doing a party for you began and once now said santa your how and i said yeah shy as this but said it comes in any different colors he just says i get that right off you know he is a just years of their innocent santa the goes very didn't sell them all had a black santa claus sorted i think a if i'm not the mavs that if i'm not mistaken right right in my my run on that line are north plan while one the camera which mala was a had like santa.