Listen: "You can go to a Major League Baseball game and you can sit there for a long time before anything exciting happens"

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J. Meric
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The equivalent of baseball or football but in the game spark goes you know personality or just celebration that's not because that's it's good to be true the game now and and it's I think it's a small part of the problem anyway when the game is the biggest issue and just the length of the they have sole they have Quicken the game up their last year I think they cut like eight minutes off by my implementing some new rules this year they got the clock on the the mound visits got a chance to see that last weekend when we're in here that you know the thirty second clock when a coach goes out to the mound but when you look at it two hours and fifty-four minutes and thirty-nine seconds was at least this was I think in August of last year I'm not sure how it actually came out but didn't you got so they got under three hours last year for the average Langford again minute NFL game at this point what's the average liked of an NFL game it's like three hours and fifteen minutes at least it's it's Wall but yet we're not complain and generally about the length of Of NFL games it's the pace of the game it's that you can go to a Major League Baseball game and you can sit there for a long time before anything exciting happens at all you know the NFL it's like Ok play thirty seconds play thirty seconds play thirty seconds timeout we wait to minutes for the commercials would come back play thirty seconds you know at least there's regular intervals and a Major League Baseball game you can sit there for a long time without the ball getting put into play you know you get it it can get very dull if you're not really into it and even worse when you're watching on TV and nothing's happening that's one thing you go to work do go a game it's a nice today nice summer night you know you're taken back haven't a beer socializing a little bit did games going on like that's one thing you're just turning into you know regular.