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You secret code sixty-five sixty five varies dot com code six five six five, how do you become America's best-selling brand at four and we go further to make it protective by offering vehicles with the most five-star crash ratings, that sport and that's how you become America's best-selling brand, five star rating faced among, line brand suffering healthy cars pickup truck see Phillies gonna five-star safety fans of the National highly touted safeties patients cars that, , a safer part of the details salesman based on twenty sixteen count here, sure, who's now, going to climb today, only three sunshine tomorrow thirty five good evening I'm chug Taylor here's a look at the story through following, based on, data from January the number of suspected Opie Lloyd related overdose is Manchester national is dropping Authorities are crediting this safe stations program in both cities which allows people seeking drug treatment to go through a fire station for immediate help lawmakers in Concord are considering a bill that would require body cameras for certain police officer, is under the proposal officers who have been the subject of a substantiated complaint would be forced to wear a body camera supporters said the measure would provide transparency for Police Department's so if you do have multiple complaints against one officer, that could represent the Department as a whole in a really negative way supporter had their moments said several members of law enforcement said that the proposal could unfairly punish some officers. But that's of too Women in Farmington are ruled comma sides authorities say both of the victims suffered multiple stab wins the bodies were found on Sunday in a house the state police investigation is ongoing Dartmouth College dude reported missing is dead twenty one year old Adam right who was last seen on campus surely after midnight Monday morning, spotty was found yesterday morning in the Connecticut River the cause of Wright's death is under investigation, for news any time visit us online a w G. I are am dot com I'm jump Taylor for News Radio six ten w G. I our, New Hampshire is news traffic and weather station, trending now, construction of, check him for the very latest, play for, down to change my staying connected change, were gonna stay sanctuary, , it's on, radios, ninety six seven New Hampshire HS news traffic and weather station this is News Radio six ten on I. Heart Radio, , , he's the financial exchange with very Armstrong him, your exclusive loaded business and financial news affecting your, you are solely your world stay informed and, about I can only can market trends plus give breaking business news, , and now, the financial exchange with, every Armstrong, , when a company like Apple reports earnings you can not help but pay attention, it is a six hundred and seventy three billion dollar company, I know that he is other any trillion are companies, the it is thought that. , it's the it's not what's the our Saudi Arabian or Rambo around cope it's not that around go would be the first trillion dollar company if and when it does go public but to this point know there was a lot of talk back in the early two thousand this just go was going to be the first trillion dollar company yeah, and that just never ended up come to fruition Apple here again not closing in on that seven hundred billion dollar mark, when it comes to overall market cap here, and we are I believe getting close to, an all-time high on apple shares so I don't know Hey we're one thirty five or, yes I mean you with him you know five six percent right now up a lot today up five and a half percent six dollars and sixty cents a hundred and twenty-eight dollars a share, I heard one late and I know you look at their earnings report more closely than I have but one thing that really jumped out of me was, apple services which is like there, they're music streaming win it would also say, the music streaming any of the I cloud extra Storage and stuff, yeah, and in any of that is really what falls into that services revenue and that revenue jumped eighteen percent in the first quarter more revenue the Netflix, yeah and, yeah and thats WIX is train at a hundred and forty Bucks this year and the other thing that Tim Cook is well some other exact signaled yesterday was hey you know this could be something that starts to become a bigger priority we're going to try to double this revenue. In the next three years, a quick it because I heard they're getting it sounds like they want to get in the content, well you know it might make sense Trucker you know for, I think five years ago they could have bought Netflix and would've made a lot of sense today to buy Netflix, I'm not sure it it the it they could do it they're one of the few companies that have the cash, to up by Netflix but I think they need to know you depth in ninety billion dollars Ford and there's no way about how much that you can create with ninety billion dollars exactly and and here's the thing here so I've kind of been looking at this over the last twenty-four hours are so since I heard this announcement as I'm going to go out there and I'm sent okay, you know the nineteen hundreds well we talk about you know that that twentieth century , media was defiant as hey you had your three Major networks yet A.B.C. C.B.S. men be city, yeah just remains Newk newspapers yeah the Wall Street Journal New York Times yeah the Washington Post you know those are kind your standard Bears, what a for the twenty first century your standard Bears are hey you got Netflix you've got Amazon you've got Apple and in terms of content what it what if that's how you and double looking, at things going forward just because they're the the ones who are best capable of taking the it taking advantage of the delivery systems that are available today perhaps I I don't see them partnering with Amazon their their competitors. I don't see them partnering with Netflix because it Netflix is to highly valued put about who though it We could Apple do a deal with who little think about how many people have Apple devices, who has no penetration right now relative to Netflix we'll look at who customer base as compared to Netflix all but you it they don't have fifteen percent of what Netflix us, in the U.S.A. for looking domestically who was about twenty five percent enough likes twenty-five the data guest a good but nothing outside the us right no they don't have anything outside the U.S.A. what it is lovely and ten million twelfth in the content is only licensed in the US what's but that makes sense for Apple to do a deal with who I don't know if, who would necessarily want to could keep in mind who the way that they are set up, who is owned by your major, companies it's owned by, comcast owned by, Disney it's you know it's it's own by all those different pieces and they need to compete with Netflix right does that the fair statement well, maybe, so here's the thing is you've had all these media companies that of poured money in the whole oh yeah and as you said look it it clear literally por that much money in though because All they're doing is licensing their existing contests well but in or to you know to get all the servers up in Romine did there's there's expense associated with the running who right and I almost wonder if they say at some point hey what's trust. Pick the saw forehands we don't want to deal with we don't want to be at a backbone company we don't want to be a server farm somewhere I wonder if A.B.C. year nbc's your C.B.S. at some point sits down says, look what we just license are content Apple you know what we just license are content to Netflix directly out well not Netflix me see I don't know why, because they're the enemy and Netflix a stealing from A.B.C. what if if Netflix is paying for the content it's okay So here's the thing what if Netflix comes out is hey will give you three billion dollars a year A.B.C. okay and we want all of your primetime stuff alive on that for, or hey will give you six billion dollars we want all of the football games live on Netflix the awake, these are the kinds of conversations that I think start to happen, now that Netflix is big enough to be able to have them an Amazon big enough to be able to have them is look you've got contract for things and let's let's talk about like the N.F.L. on this you've got a football contract is paying I think it's a more like one point five billion dollars a year, if Netflix comes out says look we'll give you five hundred million dollars in stream everything on our platform as well, I think the the net were to jump that this is what we did the for a half hour cause we get to a bigger audience with the NFL's going one all that money. I mean like if get to slam dunk if they want to do that you know, well it will be interesting to watch a, the people who are predicted the demise of Apple, certainly, you know looking, looking at these earnings reports and what's amazing is they didn't they could have delivered stronger earnings you know they couldn't get was the I phone seven plus, as they they could not, for the life of them they did not anticipate the number border say we're going to get couldn't match the demanded I'll tell you it's going to be very interesting because right now you're bet eight months away from the launch of the next Eifert which by the way is really the one like the seven I told you I'm on impressed with that in terms of the differences between the sex and the seven I didn't think it was anything, worthwhile the only reason I bought it truck was because my phone was broken I had, physically broken so yeah so I had to by the seven but, but if they'd make a significant leap in terms of technology with the eight I'm assuming the next one three eight, if they do that then they they could really killed yeah the next one is the one that supposedly everyone, is waiting on at this point and I think you know you have the potential to have a blockbuster fourth quarter this year if I apple is able to deliver a really strong product because give my it's the tenth iteration of the iPhone yeah so it's you know it's it's kind of a big deal you know the iPhone most people tenure don't remember it was July of two thousand seven when the first one. Came out it's only been ten years and all of a sudden all we can talk about his Twitter and Facebook out and this and that, the world's James an awful lot in ten years I'm curious what Apple does and if they're still able to innovate the same way for the next ten cause they haven't shown that ability, I'm Steve jobs been gone with the right move forward, but no you're right in terms of an innovative product they hadn't had that transformative product and, the question is, can they get there and and and I don't know because Steve jobs keep in mind Steve job set for different products over his career, that revolutionized industry he had the first apple which you know dramatically change tell people thought about computers you had I'm Mack which Brock computer down in Price in brought them into a broader setting with you know different designed informed functions you have the Ipod or which, who by CB's anymore that's all you have to say and then you had the Eiffel right so you go through those four and he made four different industries, Tim Kirk Cousins on that's it's it's not a knock on Tim Cook right he's an operator and he does a phenomenal job operating that business does he's not an innovator right and that's the question is can they recapture that and, I don't I don't know the companies going to be fun, they're still going to grow they're still going to be one of the having cash two hundred and eighty billion two hundred and forty apparently in dollars they've got a quarter trillion dollars sitting in cash. Sitting in cash most of it overseas, now if you're stock older right, yeah I mean they they continue to I mean they had to Vegas said what we're going to give that, really give half about to stop holders and a special devoted to try to get giving out with a hundred and twenty billion dollars a year in dividends and by that like they they can't give away their money fast enough at this point there cash flow is absolutely, ridiculous that margins are high but their margin for a little more Compress this quarter yep took touch kosher then they they usually our but I mean like you look at the cash flow that they're generating had this point, it's it's absolutely insane what they're doing in terms of free pass quote something like I think it was in the ballpark of like thirty billion dollars and that's a low for them cause they took some charges they did in the last twelve months, okay, they did something it was something like eighty billion dollars in free cash for which just ridiculous and they spend, you look at the way they spend money I mean look at their headquarters in the way the compensate fuel they've you know they pay people well but their products are so good the people are willing to pay those high margins or be interesting to see if the picks that makes any headway, you know like I keep hearing time and time again people that on the pictures raving about this is a phone that folks if you haven't from are familiar with. The phone that's manufactured by Google getting very strong reviews, one thing to on note about Apple lotta folks might look at them and just kind a look at some your general metrics and say hey happily trading fifteen times earnings that means it you know really cheap well, it it's cheap but you have to factor in it's such a big company it's tough for them to grow with the rate the other companies do and so yeah might be cheap compared to a growth company up but compared summed it appears it's it's pretty fairly priced right now, our next guest wrote an article in market watch the Comets called why president Trump needs to fix the broken eight one be Visa system will be joined by run here up He's a professor at Howard University he joins us next from our ensure a match dot com studios, breaking business news day late only, on the financial exchanger radio network tied this is very Armstrong the advisors at my firm the Armstrong advisor group have over one hundred and ten years of combined experience in the financial services industry and where the you're working with another advisor or not I want to give you some free advice finding the right advisor is not always so easy I've written a guy to help you through this differ, go process it's the top ten questions you should ask your financial advisor is your advisor fiduciary does he sell financial products what other fees will he charge you these are critical questions that you should have answers to before you make your decision call my office right now at eight hundred three nine three four zero zero one and request a copy of this guy. The top ten questions you should ask your financial advisor Don't delay get your free guide today by calling eight hundred three nine three four zero zero one that's eight hundred three nine three four zero zero one or download on our website financial exchange show dot com, tougher to secure his American corporate member FINRA is likely see advisory services over to secure his American buzzers incorporated, representative Armstrong advice regroup, companies are on affiliated, this report is brought to you by the financial game plan on AM six ten, he was Radio six ten, weather, the building westerly when through the day continuing to die off this evening lows ultimately overnight down in the low in mid twenties and that will be with partly cloudy skies and that's the way we see things going forward, look for a blend of sunshine a clouds and that Brees on Thursday with temperatures either side of the freezing Mark we get back into the twenties for highs ball Friday and Saturday but both of those days again partly to mostly sunny skies and then back near thirty degrees with a blend of sunshine I clouds for Superbowl Sunday from a sore watch nine Weather Center I'm meteorologist Kevin score replay, it's the Weekend flags Elvis reviewed, read between at the top of the box office worse boy dropping just thirty-four percent today Jim twenty-six million over to reach and that gives it attend a total of over seventy seven million it now looks to top one hundred million overall and with an estimated ten million dollar budget buzz sequel will be hard to resist. Opening in second place was of dogs purpose Graphene eighteen million over the weekend about in line with, duration skit also for just a solid case them I'm a score so it has a good chance of passing sixteen million by the end of a drive, given figures on on that number three adding fourteen million for a total of one hundred for millions so far there was only down eleven percent from the previous week and it toward nominations I'm positive word of mouth should keep a strong for a while along, taking office run in fourth place was resident evolved of final chapter mean Joe's thirteen million which was the smallest opening weekend of any of the films in the series and long-lost land for just forty three percent from the previous weekend jumping back up to number five with twelve million over the weekend and a total of one hundred six million, today, imagine weekend box office reviewing run by a hard Radio, and now look back at this week in history this week in seventeen ninety in the Royal exchange building on New York City Broad street the Supreme Court of the United States met for the first time other teams justice Jon Jay, using a device called a bad the truth the first motion pictures with, theater audience in Philadelphia this week in ninteen seventy, this week in nineteen forty three Nazi troops surrendered at the and the Battle of stalin Brock marking of turning of the Titans World War Two in favor of the allies let night when David Letterman debut done and he see this week in nineteen eighty two actor comedian Bill Murray with days first as Murray was also Davis laughed against when he and his late night career in two thousand fifteen. Is weak in nineteen ninety South African president of W declared lifted the band on the African national congress and promised to free Nelson Mandela, and this week in two thousand three space shuttle Colombia disintegrated while re entering the atmosphere was one of only two shovel disasters seventeen years prior shuttle Challenger exploded seventy three seconds after looking off, that's your look back if this week in history, the rent dot net, security suffered to Securities America Inc member FINRA so I P see an advisory services offer through Securities America advisors inked ARI Armstrong representatives Armstrong advisory group in the Securities America companies are on affiliated, stay on top of breaking financial loose by becoming a member of the Barrie's bridge, log on to financial exchange of dot com and sign up today, drawn here, is a professor Howard University and the outspoken critic of the age one be visa program, he joins us now on the financial exchange try run welcome to the show, thanks for having me on, we're glad to we're we're glad to you know that you I read your article in market watch which got posted yesterday can you share with us some of the abuses that you have the deserved as it relates to be a twenty visa program, yeah their twenty program as conceive do that there's a good wanted the idea is to bring in really specialized blockers to fill the gap as one workers the briefs, the pills skills Gaffney us market to where you can find. Us workers you bring in these specialized porn workers over, unfortunately there's a lot of credit use, where you bring it in, of the workers cheap, not because they have specialized skill, and the most egregious to use is nowhere, actually American workers are being forced to train their replacement, there's been a number of scandal, including you know well-publicized one is they've got in Orlando but, some even that are very close to you know like asked new to world, in Springfield Massachusetts I which hasn't didn't publicize very much we've got a bunch of, American I'd be workers training there for an replacement to thirty twenty replaced so why would he companies doing this just a simply to get lower cost because they know the age one be Visa worker will do the same job for what thirty percent last, looked physically awake shaving to thirty to forty percent does a, employer can, legally pay, well market wages, so it's huge discounts, and and in addition to the week, saving They also the eight twelve be workers indentured to that, employer the employer holds the Visa so there's a lot of control around the twenty worker, you can easily could job, and would have to lead the country if they were late off, when I know there's been talked on both sides of the Democrats and Republicans about trying to either a raise the minimum salary for each one be Visa workers or, in one case representative from California wants to get rid of the lottery process and base hiring on the waged the companies would offer offering. the visas to the highest Wage Earners why why you have none of these ideas come to fruition yet, , the why is this simply politics the second history, doesn't want, eastern to get through in so, they haven't really allowed Congresses that a lot easier to block legislation, and got good ideas then two to two, push them through in so that it simply political will make an absolute logical ten that you would want to bring in the highest later people lifted, the idea of of the program nice wager going to be the highest skilled people in a gets the the concerned that I have is I remember when that Romney was running for president you know he said that he wanted to staple a Green card, two, all of those college diploma is when they graduated from with this the Sciences, , I guy like the idea of allowing highly educated that Highly motivated, to students to stay in the country how do we avoid throwing these people out, well I think you know you're making two different issues, most of the people who are coming in on a twenties, did not study here, most of them have just a bachelor's than most of my coming from India so ten, they have no, routes here they haven't studied year, I think that that youth you do want to keep the best greatest, but we have to do it in a spark late hits Dez's disadvantage American students in it doesn't disadvantage or what the market. Out for us workers that, I think presses wages, but let me just make it concrete of the week there really isn't any shortage of, I'll quite scientist of biologist, and if he did that sort of staple the green card you have a lot of that, and instead there's really no justifications so we're there's a real nice where there's a shortage I agree with you but that's where, with the Devils with the detail you restaurants ITA east out sourcing firms dominating the eight twenty be visa program I think you may have said was twenty thousand of the job sure I T out sourcing firms, you have actually have even more than that, the rookie out sourcing firms these are from supplied infosys confidence in many of them based in India but even us one plight, center an idea, they really dominate their getting about half of the, eighty five thousand allocations, and they stay really low wages, by because it's so profitable to bring in in a twenty worker and replaced American, are these companies are flooding the application process run you've obviously thought about this extensively how would you like to see the age one be visa program modified, well I think for president Trump does that, should all that had been a on the had, basically to principles one is that American workers should have, thirty to the Leafs job, so they should have a third shot at filling the job right. And then the second if you get a raise the way to level for the eight one be, worker so that they're not Green Bryant for cheaper labor, that they're paid affair market played and that would house both American workers but it would also help those four and guest workers too, get back through eight leader mainstream proposals that I've been board it, I both Democrat spend Republican so this is one, you know Noah Pozo from twelve that really should get, oh widespread, , sport, we have a lot of, listeners on Cape Cod and many of them that, run resorts and restaurants on the Cape I think the you something called the, jay el these or something like that for you know the one for summer hope to get the better, what what coverage a run some work travel program what's your opinion on that Visa, well again that that's ran, where there's been a number, a pretty high profile with You skate, so she for example using some of those, workers and you've got a lot of eighty labor broker so labor intimate intermediate area bring in, I workers and abused, so there's not much oversight that's done through the state department and and I think that needs to be cleaned up significant, where there's really only, I think that, employer should have access to that but they also have response ability to three people fairly easy the eighty five thousand number for the it's one be visas is and that it is the right number should be fifty thousand a hundred thousand. I don't think we should be focused on the numbers I mean that there's so much widespread abuse of the year twenty program the majority of the eight twenty program, it's going to treat labor other under cutting American workers with reducing job Opportunities depressing way just let's focus on picked in the program in the lining, it to within and then which is the So he'll get I bring you didn't specialize worker so then you have to worry about the number, yeah no no number becomes less relevant right right my great run thank you, thank you very much they're timely appreciate it, thank you That's run here and he's a professor, at Howard University, obviously put a lot of thought into it and you know we've always talked about it from the corporate side right you know if yup talk to the publicly traded companies they love each one be visa program if you're stop cold are in those companies you tend to like well and I think the biggest thing that makes sense to me is you of a representative from California, who says would get rid of the lottery and instead award the V says to the companies that offer the highest salaries an and that way but you have to actually bid in order to get these is not a random lottery it's hey if you want someone you have to pay more and if you're not willing to do that you're not to get them they're going to have to hire in American worker at that same cost good idea. Hey when we come back we're going to talk about judge Neal Gore such he is Donald Trump's appointment to the Supreme Court will talk about that will have a trivia question for you, and the lead us with see what else we haven't the stack year oh why the home ownership rate is not likely to take off any time soon, that more from our ensure match dot com studio, making your smartphone even, download, will out by surgeon financial exchange ninety's or the play store, is the financially exchange, where this is News Radio six ten on I. Heart Radio all, Bob News Radio I'm Kathleen Maloney exon mobile see you know Rex Steelers and is the newest Secretary of State the A's are fifty six, and they are forty three, but nomination it's confirmed Arkansas Republican senator Tom cotton announcing the results tiller since ceremonial swearing in takes place in less than an hour, president Trump will be particip painting a rough wrote in the Senate for two more of the President's cabinet nominees slip Democrats boycotting Cena finance committee meetings to vote on the nominations of the next treasury In Health and Human Services secretary, republican leadership change the rules and Stephen A Newton in Doctor Tom prices nominations, will soon go to the Fall Senate for final confirmation, finance chairman Republican or in hatchet blasted the Democrats for their tactics just another way of rough, ruffing opened president in his his cherishing dominates tempers flared again and ascended to dish airy committee hearing one Minnesota Democrat AL Frank in. Texas republican Ted Cruz who wasn't even their Fox's Mike Emmanuel on Capitol Hill president Trump's National Security Advisor taking a strong stand against a ran for recent hostile actions including testing a ballistic missiles president Trump has severely criticize the various agreements, rich between Iran, the Obama administration as well as United Nations as being week and an effective, as that of being thankful to the United States in these agreements, around as now feeling emboldened, as of today we are officially putting around on noticed but general Michael Flynn wasn't specific about exactly what that means president Trump has approved a disaster declaration for South Dakota, and ordered federal eight to supplement state local and tribal recovery efforts in areas affected by a severe winter storm at the end of December, you're listening to Fox News Radio, they're unbalanced, This reporters brought to you by the financial game plan on AM six ten, from the Viking propane whether desk whether on News Radio six ten, the building westerly when through the day continuing to die off this evening lows ultimately overnight down in the low and made twenties and that will be with partly cloudy skies and that's the way we see things going forward, look for a blend of sunshine a cloud and that Brees on Thursday with temperatures either side of the freezing mark, we get back into the twenties for highs ball Friday and Saturday but both of those days again partly to mostly sunny skies and then back near thirty degrees with a blend of sunshine I claps for Superbowl Sunday from star watch nine Weather Center I'm eager olive just Kevin score replay. If you don't have the right game plan in sports you could get Brown, and without the right strategy the same thing goes in the financial world so listen each Saturday to the financial game plan was to get yelling Saturday's at noon on AM six then New Hampshire News Radio, security is a significant part of the game plan for Super Bowls Sunday the F.B._I has been preparing for the NFL's signature event in Houston Texans for three years Perry Turner is The Special Agent in charge of the Houston field office to Bo for two one is a national you here and are go obviously is to, poll the constitution protect America people so Lindor thing the power to make sure it it is safe you, the F.B._I will have all hands on deck a crisis management team are cyber team are intelligence team are swat tiene everybody in this, office will play about apart ensuring and it's a safe bet for everybody like football where team more comes into play teamwork is also essential among all levels of law enforcement we relax heavily on our stable the corners to help us, mccutchen mission with F.B._I this week I'm Molly help earned it to be around, , do you John, I was hoping you wouldn't come to this, to the left me no choice, I'm livid uncontrolled high blood pressure is really serious and lately you seemed to really not care, I've been there for you since day one and I know you think I'm going to keep ticket but no my friend. I can quit whenever I want, what can we get back to the good times when we were more active and eight more healthy foods and you tip Domi every once in a while, is that too much to ask, I don't wanna leave, but unless you stop ignoring me, what also my supposed to do, remember, when I quit, you quit, sincerely your heart, listen to your and don't let it get on you doing the minimum to control your high blood pressure isn't doing enough, high blood pressure coming to a stroke heart attack or death get your blood pressure to a healthy range before it's too late for help keeping yours a healthy range text pressure to nine seven seven seven nine a message from the American hard association American struck association and the Ad Council and, is America companies are unaffiliated, , daily poll question by Michel exchange showed done, well you're going shins, just vote, financially string show dot com and, est away, trivia is brought to you by the fucking near Beacham golf resort in sync for us Virgin Islands looking for great vacation destination, call my favorite place told the Buccaneers, mention my name and get a two hundred fifty dollar resort credit on a stay of five nights for more enjoyed three gorgeous be just fine dining, shopping historical sightseeing and a lot more, call eight hundred two five five three eight eight one that's eight hundred two five five three eight eight one last night president Trump nominated judge. Neal Gore such to fill the vacancy left by the late end to noon Scully up on the Supreme Court we're doing trivia about judge Gore such, and I guess our first question will be for which current Supreme Court Justice did Neal Gore such once Clark six eighty six eighty is our talks number first listener with pick, after when they twenty-five dark gas card for which current Supreme Court Justice did Neal Gore such once, work, alright let's let's talk about Mr person he's, pro business, conservative, big fan of a attendance goalie off, what else do you know yeah I mean seems to be I think a fairly of reliable conservative judge, doesn't seem to be to out there on any issues I think there's some questions about his record on business actually just because the court that he sat on didn't see a ton of business cases there were a couple but there's not a huge track record there Tommy lobby was is most famous case you know that that was the biggest one he had a consent, in that he were to consenting opinion Burke occurring opinion in that in that brief and so you know I think he is someone who you're likely going to have , some pretty stiff resistance I think from Democrats in terms of confirming him, but it's pretty likely that he does end up getting through, and being confirm tear how long that takes. Anyone's guess at this point but it does appear that he is going to and a movie through that process yeah you in the I would think you'll get through night be it's never easy a suppose but usually a things seem to derail that are the personal issues is not, it like it going back, lotta times and this is an area where you know course it's a someone who does have a pretty, went the resume okay he's fairly young up only forty nine years old so he's one of my younger Supreme Court Justice is to be nominated, in recent history but I think, in general you know you you got to imagine that you've done some pretty strong vetting on someone like him and someone with that kind of public record yeah you know should be pretty easy to figure out it's not someone who you know is coming out as a wild card where you start finding things out I think you know there's probably nothing to surprising for anyone in his background, we'll pull question today, and it is are you saddened Or go out and that Pred as president Trump nominated to Neil Gore such to serve on the Supreme Court, now the way to participate in our polish Igor website financial exchange show dot com are you saddened we're glad and that president Trump nominated Neal Gore such to serve on the Supreme Court, so far thirty eight percent of you are saddened and sixty one point five percent of you are feeling good about it. Why the home ownership rate is not going to take off any time soon what's unusual about the story truck is, household formation, is something that really dropped off you had, for a number of years, kids would graduate College met your class Tucker's class would graduate college and then move back in with their parents simply for economic reasons it it was it in the they didn't want to move home the parents in wanna moving home but they were moving home because of economic reasons now you're seeing very strong household formation numbers were saying Morehouse will, formations in a quarter then we used to see in the year, but we're not saying a big uptick in terms of the home ownership rate know what you're saying is a lot of those people you know starting families moving up moving into apartments nother rental units, at this point as opposed to, going in buying their own place in the two big reasons for that one we've talked about previously tight inventory is out there which preventing a lot of people from buying and also you just see a lot of households putting off the that that purchased just cause there still trying to get enough for a down payment and things like that I think that is one of the biggest obstacles, in today's Real Estate market it's not affording the monthly payment, it's getting together twenty thirty forty thousand dollars, to put down is a down pain you know I looked at a study that the was done by the National Association Of Realtors this morning and. It be like eighty five percent, of your generational wants to own a home someday, big like they want to do it you know but they don't have the worth all one of the things holding them back, a lot of it has to do student loans, credit is tighter, radiate it's an it's not as easy to get credit today to buy house and I think when one of the other things it, it would does not come in to cut the conversation very often but you're seeing more and more institutional ownership of Holmes we don't see it a lot appear New England but in a company called Blackstone, they didn't I peeled the other day for invitation Holmes, they raised a billion and a half dollars to buy Helms they've already spent ten billion dollars on a forty eight thousand home portfolio day average price of the home they're buying is that first time fire, hold their they're buying the two hundred eight thousand Orel, and here years what's interesting let's see go back to the nineteen eighties okay the average cost of a home compared to the averaging come that someone out was about two and a half segment if you made forty thousand dollars what's it Let's eighty have a hundred forty yeah the average person bought a hundred thousand dollar home So you had to save, call twenty thousand then to put twenty percent down can okay that's how for years worth of income. Today that ratio is north of three and a half to four, okay so what you see is of someone, let's let's slow down there and is so let's do the same example you're making forty thousand so what so you're making forty thousand okay that same home is a hundred and sixteen so instead of needing to save twelve R forty thousand or twenty thousand I'm sorry in order to put down payment and you got to save thirty two thousand how much longer does it take you to save that extra twelve thousand dollar, you know that that's something that for most people, probably takes him an extra two three four years yeah I would think what do you have any concerns about these big institutions buying home so yes, I do, I'm just because it's something we haven't seen a ton of recently but I'm also not gonna say that it is, it's not something that is necessarily going to harm our ability is a country to continue to grow our economy because historically there are a lot of countries with low home ownership rates that I've had very strong unstable economies because they're population is more mobile well like that you race a good point there I mean if you are of renter it's a lot easier to just say, well my leases up in three months I've got paid rent for three months I can asked my new boss to do that right I can or I just. All LA up a this to, three months left on my lease in and all low you know but I just bite the bullet when you own a whole, the way it's tough pick it transaction oh costs associated with the Silva homer probably what, seven or eight percent of the gross price of the house maybe more than that ballpark I would say Yeah it in that ballpark which interesting also is that, if you look at home prices in the US, they've been fairly, and all the last couple years there's been you know some some rebound there but if you're to the last fifteen years, hope Brister growing significantly more in other parts of the world as more people start to move into home ownership in those areas so, you know us real estate for the for the longest time it been the most desirable place to be your starting see people looking at some other places also and that may have an impact there in terms of hey maybe you don't get quite as much international demand as you've had previously hey Don't forget about leader Bank leader Bank is a very innovative financial institution and they have this per, Graham called see rent So if you're away alert we're just talking about how more more people are renting apartments and they're doing it for the long-term, well you need to sign up for Z rent zero it allows you to collect rent from your tenets electronic like no more goal of the mailbox no more. Get into the the Czech from three different tenets and then having to go to the bank and put it in your couch it goes directly from your ten that's account into your business checking account it's a great arrangement I've heard rave reviews of it is about affected is so popular that other banks like Stone of banks on him savings Bank, are signing up for zero so they can offer it to their customers, so even if you're, not a customer of leader Bank talked your bank and say Hey I wan access to this leader Bank product called zero, they just call over the leader Bank and zero at will license it to your bank maybe you have a back out at middle sex savings or Eastern Bank, call them anyway one elite reach leader Bank you can call them toll-free at eight seven seven six nine one seventy nine hundred it zero dot Nets all the details related to the program, are on that website Z read dot net but you want to talk to somebody about it and you want to, have your bank signup for Z rent call them toll-free eight seven seven six nine one seventy nine hundred you know we talked about this over story on Monday and I really thought it was kind of a nothing story, whoever has a bigger problem with their integrations, position, and is being let on they they are losing thousands a customers what I can gathered they're not disclose in your but they. You can tell on the app store in on that couch, they took a lot, big P R beating on Saturday yeah we we don't know exactly how many people have a left, Byrd to lead of the up or anything along those lines, but whoever continues to you know potentially hemorrhage some customers out there and it's supported would didn't lift do the same thing like you know oh they did not get, noah in look it's, I understand in here's the thing what what over did on Saturday is they said Hey we're going to have a noteworthy instead of having Serj pricing because everyone is demanding to either get out of jail Cayer into Jeff Kate a protest who were said Hey we're just waving are Serj pricing just because we don't want people playing extra work to get where they're trying to go, people I guess view that as, , I just taking a stand against the cab drivers instead of standing in solidarity with them, I don't what was it against the tab drivers or was it against the immigration policy because I I would I would say it's good saying that they didn't stand with the cab driver right in the cab drivers were protesting like and and it's it's pretty much saying hey instead of standing with them you said no we're going to give you travel alternatives, I don't know with the right thing to do was on like. I think people sometimes read a little bit too much into the citing very and I'm someone who is against the travel band, I think that it was poorly executing terribly rolled out and I think it generally doesn't accomplished ton, but this is a little crazy that people are getting all upset it over for doing nothing quite frankly lifts happy, oh with just throw the number four up in the app's store now they did gonna from of thirty nine up to number four in the funny how one little thing right kin race is like a lot of people I took some be they'll if they asked me what is left, they do they knew Bure was they had no idea what I saw same thing, same thing with lift could end up getting a lot of business from this up tell you, so we'll see we'll see over is pretty, there are they're pretty strong company hey when we come back we'll have the answer to our trivia contest and then chuck is going to talk to Richard, from morning star looks and we have a couple stocks to talk about grab a pencil him paper stock talk is next from our insure match dot com studios, the markets from start to finish to get our daily market recap every day of five P.M. on our new website financial exchange showed dot com, this is the financial exchanger Radio Network, your financial strategy has to include a thoughtful insurance play an insurance exist to protect your assets. 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Beach and Golf resort in St. crowing, in the US Virgin Islands call Berry's favored place the Buccaneer, mention his name and get a two hundred fifty dollar resort credit, on a stay of five nights or more yards or three gorgeous beaches, finding casual dining historical sightseeing and much more call today to book your trip and don't forget to mention varies name Barry Armstrong to get your two hundred and fifty dollars or credit on a minimum five nights day, call eight hundred two five five three eight eight one that's eight hundred two five five three eight, one, as promised were joined by Richard holder from morning start here to talk about, couple stops really to the automotive industry and Richard thank you for joining us, thanks for having me this morning, wretched let's start with the you got Chrysler this is a company, that has been in some what I think a transition over the last couple years now but start purse appears to be show some signs of rallying over the last few months are you bowler score Berra Sean, yeah right now we do the stark is being that, undervalued, it's four store rated in, that's on a scale from one to five stars five stars being, consider buying, for stars being undervalued, we like this start because we think that there's a lotta confusion on third among the investment community with respect to that agree with which this company that is turning around a business. that it's a long, and kind of disrespected start because of the high degree of, that leverage that they've had, and because both of these in efficient operations they think they also have but they have some pretty good brand in the mix, that are going global, monta rocking itself from a all are all expanding their product portfolios and over the next couple of years we expect volume from those plans to have a meaningful impact on the overall profitability of the Chrysler, this company has been a longstanding best but idea and in two thousand and fourteen, the market kept with the first quarter alone was around seven billions, today, after the spin off of for ARI, you have to include both market kept flirting Emperors the total market Gethin investor would have today, approaches twenty-five billions so this has been a longstanding undervalued situation that hasn't been recognized by the investment community and we think that if gaining more momentum, let's turn over to a company that, makes number of prides they're in an awful lot of vehicles but a lot of people might not be familiar with them and that's board Warner incorporated can you talk about what they do and what you're thesis is on the company, yeah of course for one or manufactures parts but go in to our train and power turning is everything in a vehicle, that, goes from, the air cleaner, get into the and shouldn't, how through the exhausted taking with torque from that engine and transferring it out to the we'll. All of that included in our current what or one or is best known for Thursday is, through the Chargers, an, still clutch Prince missions as well as torque converter, no, what that all those, terrible Chargers at Maple more efficient more powerful and shouldn't have so you could down twice the engine and make it more, efficient, so I think it's better fuel economy voice of the top clutch, affect, is enables hire, your turn and missions making the current mission more fuel efficient from a vehicle and look toward converter stew does unable all we'll drive or four will drive, and that's for your crossover that's for your sport to toe with the vehicle if you want for we'll, having to work with the famed time could all these areas of big growth hearing is the most recent areas that the company's gotten into over the past year, is rotating electrical the voices not what that mean is, Alternator generators an electric motors, through the acquisition of Remy, so with the combinations between or worse technologies and, Remy stick knowledge he's the put them in a good position, to benefit from, above average growth since penetrate in the market of hard for the Lester B. if goals, as well as the potential growth for better electric vehicle, in the not too distant future, and we think this company will growth on average two to four basis points higher than the overall demand on a global things from white vehicle. Very good Richard thank you very much for joining us in thanks for the Info one of both of these companies, thanks for having me Richard shouldered for morning start talking about the got Chrysler with the ticket FC eighty you board Warner incorporate with the Ticker be w pay speaking of car makers you see dime or is going to make the, self driving cars for over, the other going to be involved, in this process they've reached an agreement to manufacture and operate these cars on Hooper is ride sharing network we surprise for that to, in terms of the brand behind the I thought it would be an an American manufacture a little bit, all right thanks for tuning into this hour of the financial exchange from our ensuring match dot com studios, it's struck Zotto Tucker sober and very Armstrong, , as the Spurs, news and information that you can use only on you Hampshire today with Jack you need one U.S. Radio six ten and nineties seven your news traffic and weather station, news Radio six to ninety zero seven, road to are in twenty seventeen all I heart radio musical warrants that hard yeah, doesn't sound in relief forever, are you acting on, five hardly dating right here, hopefully more, with the time and, overly, we have, ever been telling, hundred plate won the division how a one of those things, be on, when you look only those but all, I am Robert. One of the, are hardly here you to four and a lot like your foot did a great, the show that surely honors the artist since on you, radio, listening to me, , radio seems to an end ninety six m and they're the ones very much, and now the fight hard radio legions court time, so, tensions Warren Japan's it's maybe Aldridge Ronnie here to take you wanna trip back in time to this week in sports history starting in nineteen seventy one win the ceiling basketball team started the, game winning streak, connected on three of eighty first women's Australian Open final Monica Seles Mike Steffi Graf four six six three six two in nineteen ninety four to revolt twenty-eight could douse Cowboys Week the Buffalo Bills thirty to thirteen in Atlanta, Dallas running back and it's mid wins the envy A.P. and it's Buffalo's fourth consecutive Super Bowl game loss to the Cowboys and as we get twenty sixteen at the one hundred and forty women's Australian Open final, Serena Williams, x board three six six four that you're I heart radio weekend sports time capsule, everyone is talking about healthcare these days America spends twice that of other develops countries on our healthcare system get or health ranks near the bottom, how can we stop spending so much and getting so little by shifting to a system that gives more patience access to strong primary care, patience with the primary care doctor live longer healthier lives and or less likely to suffer from cancer heart disease or stroke.