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Warriors Vs Nuggets - Home Game (Jan 2nd)

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This happened at about one thirty A.M. on highway nine eighty when officers tried to pull over the speeding Carr the driver ended up speeding off exit in your twenty seven St. but he lost control and flipped back car crashing into several tense out the side of the street, authorities say that one person one of the homeless people suffered a broken leg to others were taken to the hospital complaining of back pain, the driver and two passengers were taken into custody, vision zero is the next two impossible San Francisco plan to in traffic doubts by the year two thousand twenty-four ten years after it was adopted case C.B.S. reporter Tim Ryan looks back at last year two thousand sixteen, and says the reductions have been coming slowly this statistics released by the city and the pedestrian advocacy group walk yes Seppi sure don't often match walk if after Rector the call for says twenty eight people died on city streets last year fifteen while walking, three cycling nine inside of a motor vehicle and one motorcycle, it's, but not fast enough, there isn't very clear evidence that what the city is doing is helping increase yielding energy speeding so those are the top two causes of crashes in the city forever in city leaders agree that well millions of dollars are spent each year making walking and cycling say for the, sheer number, added pedestrians in cars in this growing city, makes reducing injuries and deaths more difficult one of our main campaigns this coming year is going to be a out of it it's beat enforcement for speed safety cameras that will help enforce the Stephen and I'm streets very know that speed is killing people the number of deaths are down over the past few years but not at a rate where eliminating them all together in the next. 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On CBS, , coming up on key C.B.S. a Utah lawmaker launches an effort to lower lower rather the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers in his State, C.B.S. nice time twelve fifteen We're on to the sport find now here's John I can say he _N_F_L's regular season is done with Oakland advancing to the playoffs for the first time since two thousand to the forty niners amounts right now no head coach no general manager in the wake of it to in fourteen season, among the twenty teams backing up today for the offseason the Washington Redskins They were eliminated early for the seventh time in nine years all they needed to get into the Super Bowl tournament yesterday for all intents and purposes was a home win over the New York Giants who had nothing to play for having already clinched their postseason spot, but I blew up on the Redskins in an awful nineteen to ten loss that out cornerback Josh Norman's Steven Matz that right there was just, disgusting, speaker, , be a part of that that right Desrochers, who's now football so, we got to be better coming Nation, do a better job and for Norman everybody inside that franchise top to bottom they need to re-evaluate scenario coaches, we're very wait our sails into visibly, and a staff, see what, tickets going on, because we have opportunities to be special we, gotta do little things right, to get us in this has to be since the NFL's Wildcard Weekend starts on Saturday afternoon with the Raiders playing the opener at Houston against the Texans that's followed by Detroit at Seattle. Sunday's schedule Miami at Pittsburgh and then the weekend wraps up with the New York Giants playing at Lambeau Field against the Packers in Green Bay it is back to work for the Warriors they play their first game of twenty seventeen tonight at home against the Denver Nuggets, golden State twenty-nine and five Denver fourteen and nineteen, are tied with Sacramento for eight, in the Western Conference sports and fifteen in forty-five off all news one oh six nine A.M. seven forty case CB, righty take a trip to paradise with a whole life, , about, whether it's not, but the action is, he's any right you, catch, with a ride, nine, it wasn't, he was an execution, ones, the line time, , so, Don't trivia was was so for feeling issue brief to consider him lead C.B.S. Friday broken, towns excellent, or stream of live on demand, , he's accused, the nineteen thirty-six more, using introduced the first ever pop music chart, nineteen fifty-three country singer Hank Williams die hard it's twenty-nine brought on my bills in out Goff, to you mentioned Fifty-eight Gibson to to Arsenal and stuff line electric it's, the Eagles without John Wayne in their final studio appearances a group this week in nineteen seventy, you don't so many touches will give you a little, but when you want it all it's all here, news sports, hand whether, stories that matter, whatever you need us realize when line and we're she, all News one of six nine. And am seven forty, yes, Casey vs. news time twelve eighteen lead Ted back to the Rhodes now take a look at you drive with Midtown far I back the daily city begun want the car injury accents out to eighty before he's more as the three right lanes block Michael of the fun forced called the tip-toes off originally traffic is backed up from San Jose Avenue, you're headed through Oakland he's five eighty the MacArthur Boulevard West off ramp close this is a long term closure from payment working won't reopen until January twenty-seventh, north one oh one after east Washington St. a three car wreck in the left lane speed out there for hours Well actually over an hour I should say traffic is backed up from head limo Boulevard South and southbound lanes are slow as well from old Redwood highway in the Lionel West baby after seven eighty a car off the roadway hit a tree, south needed Whipple road in Heyward into car wreck on the right shoulder one of the vehicles facing the wrong way, if you're on Bart well they're on a modified weekdays schedule in all trains are currently on time your next update twelve twenty-eight on the traffic leader, gains C.B.S. six day forecast now for that we turn to Roberta Gonzalez she joins us from the Kate P_I X five weather centre Miller scattered showers expected throughout the day today a bit of a brees out of the West ten to twenty would you have no. Oh amount Hamilton had dusting at the low area as well, one of the snow level, and I'm twenty five hundred feet highs today again a berth forty-two mid-fifties tonight we was see heavier rainfall an overnight hours toward Tuesday it will be whether the morning commute with heavier rainfall by the evening commute fifty forty fifty seven degrees Dusty won thirty to forty miles per hour, now Wednesday showers tapered Fifty-eight to sixty one, mostly cloudy Thursday bright it with a chance of rain and to the fifties up to sixty degrees heavier rainfall by Friday night through Saturday, we've got traffic and weather together on the eighth on all news one of six nine A.M. seven forty case C.B.S. hey C.B.S. news time twelve ten, a state representative in you ties proposing legislation that would make it to the first eight in the country to lower the legal blood alcohol limit, for driving to point to zero five representative Norm thirst and want to make the change, this year he joins us now on the case C.B.S. ring Central this line thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us, what is the percentage of crashes or to what extent is driving drunk a factor in terms of crashes in Utah so in terms of faith Kelly's drunk driving injury is number three on the list of contributing factors right behind speeding in texting all driving, so it's it's not the, most dangerous thing you can do your in terms of it held his put it it's on the list of things that we still need to address. Alright what do you think that are are how do you think a lower a need the limit two point zero five two understanding it's pointer awaiting you tall right now, how much of a difference to think that will make, I think especially in Mecca tremendous difference right now one at six to tell these involving an alcohol really did driver, are below the legal limit so there's a significant number of people out there were driving in and out infidelities, but the biggest thing is more just I'm not pitching, just telling everybody look there is no staple level her drinking and driving if you drink, don't drive it's just that simple, you also understand that Leaguers sales have increased in in Utah recently listen the last couple of years is that a factor in you're thinking as well, it it that had happened to that effect on my thinking it all this is this is a something that's just over two it's something that's been on the national transportation fifth reports with her for several years, and richest time that we need to take care of it, what kind of supportive even get him, I get got a lot of just private support from people who just think this is the time to do it, I'm so I I don't you know we don't know how things will play out until we actually have dropped of the Bill and runner past my colleagues in the house but. I think there's fairly brought support work, , Parisian people to yeah, be super when you drive in and not, not do things that are danger, and the other people who don't support that there are a few of their two groups out there the, yeah we speed up whole beverage industry are concerned about it, about, the Mets into the tenth, and there are some sort of Liberty Karin people who are worried that this is just going to cut more people to go to jail who are probably not really criminals induction get you know anyway but, most are people understand that point okay, I've is the level of alcohol it in your body shouldn't be driving until people getting it but that's not a good thing, and you can use him as a little bit with the best science for lack of a better word for it is sort of an average say one hundred forty pound woman one hundred sixty pound man how much drinking would it take to get to point zero five for one hundred fifty kind man that this is about three drinks over the course of an hour so so think of it as the three beers are throughout the weiner dinner, or three shutout of, whatever you want think with its three, drink equivalent, over the course of an hour but that took Gurley significant amount of drinking, but not just but a little fifth with dinner or the glass or something like that you to people who who. Who done from drinking and then they're doing their current driving, from a political standpoint while he you you talked about the people who don't support the Baylor the group's rather that's don't support the Bell but from a political standpoint, are you concerned that there might be people who would say Hey this is number three but what are you doing about speed limits and distracted driving texting while driving, no exactly you know this is this is something that that you know we understand that this is and, perhaps even number one thing on peoples lives but it's the number one thing that we haven't addressed we've done things to tinker to look at a part of transportation to get people moving and really it's not beating so much of people driving that's true or slower than other people's for to the proper couldn't force move smoothly, and we recently increased, the requirements on on to build using an texting look driving, those things are things that we've done something about this is something that we haven't that we haven't actually tackled so yeah there are things that that that are still a problem, but this is one were week we haven't done anything about it and we need to do something, all right we thank you so much for taking a few minutes to talk to us that is a representative state representative you talked state representative that would be gone first in joining us on the case C.B.S. ring Central news.