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What You Didn't Know About Presidents' Day

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 Lincoln's Berkeley would never national holiday eaten George Washington birthday was it used to be celebrated on said for twenty second his birthday, and then in nineteen sixty eight the pass something called the uniforms holidays act and it went into affect in nineteen seventy one decree three-day weekend so they moves George Washington's burst they took the third Monday in December worry whether resides now, which means of course that George lessons Berkeley and the racks install untoward Russians Berkeley because the latest the conducive for twenty first but there we are is never an has never been officially President's Day even noticed widely calls that oh across the country in the Tanya calendar this in the bank window in its on you know just about everywhere but it is still. the birth they honoring our very first president let's see so so then it it just ads confusion to they already confused week as an as we talk about president's they were all argue about whether that means were supposed honor all the president's or Washington or Washington and Lincoln becomes he lost his Burt thing in February win this whole went down, well he he never had he never had a national holiday Lincoln's birthday with only celebrated in many states but certainly not the whole state including particularly those that happened, cetera series Abraham