Listen: "Peyton Manning utilized every asset that god gave him to be the best football player that he could be!"

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Christian Petersen
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That we all those athletes every athlete out there should look to Peyton Manning what Peyton Manning's about of course football players a man but Peyton Manning utilized every asset that drive gave him to be the best football player that he could be and bat them to Beatty is a Moe is makes would sets him apart from anybody else because he get every down of the Billie need that in past and that's what made him so great and that's why you're be on walked away from the game like he's walking away today which brings it nobody else is done so Payton congratulations thank you becoming the Denver Broncos we don't go out you know right off in the sense that we know that there's going to have a lot of things out there for you and you can be success with those but thank you so much for the four years it you've given us and arsenal on behalf of every Bronco fan after that has not tweeted you we're said thank you to say on behalf of all of Fans Thank you Garrett.