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Independence Loyalty: How Patrick Henry Stood By George Washington

Thomas S Kidd, author of 'Patrick Henry: First Among Patriots' talks about a conspiracy to remove George Washington from his post as general of the Continental Army during the American Revolution.

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I want to start with the relationship between Patrick Henry and George Washington, did they see themselves as rivals during the revolution seventy-six seventy-seven seventy eighth well they worked through upon the struggles during the revolution but because Henry was the governor for so much of the revolution, and he was having to work directly with Washington of ballots applies for the Continental Army and especially recruits for the Continental Army, and so they were, because they had some Querrey, Frank discussions about it, in reach ideas about, what would work for Virginia and Washington five years about what would work for the National arm, eight, and they is that had been tense moments but their friendship I think was solidified, by an episode in seventeen Seventy Seven landing, a group of people who were conspiring against Washington to have him removed, as the General the Continental Army if you could imagine this today, Henry was contacted by Benjamin rush from Philadelphia, he said the governor and radiate we know that you see how badly things are going in the world wouldn't you like to join up conspiracy, I must and reached credit he immediately package the letter other center off the general Washington, until the general though he was embarrassed that anyone would ever think he would be part of something like that, and so I think on or more fundamental level won their French, Washington and Henry will very close even though they didn't always the cause go to call ace it's important that they did there class distinction did they see themselves coming from different parts of Virginia, well they were from different parts of Virginia they had no was somewhat some more background very little formal education, but for certain men on the makeup, in a way, Henry was more modest, person or some more modest well than the Washington was all through his life, but I think that Washington tended to have a much more national, kind of perspective on Military through perspective, where hit rate perspective