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Listen: "Avery Bradley is more than likely out for the rest of the series."

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Kevin C. Cox
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For The Boston Globe but he's brought to you by play Ridge park casino thank you so much misery Aybar Emmel tied to next week I guess what I see Beater they're yo alright year the Headlines nine sports now here's the ninety five Sports Hub headlines Del two thousand decisions to make in advance of Game two with their first on Playoff series with Atlanta the game is tomorrow night Brad Stevens announced yesterday Avery Bradley more than likely out for the rest of the series with a sore hamstring so the question Is who plays in his place rookie point guard Terry Rozier is a possibility mom eyes as change wave here are four teams here you know there's always the right away you know nowadays right so easy I just a really great now pages that's why the stressed the nation days of board four team just got to be ready Chinese also Kelly Olynyk questionable with a sore shoulder he played it doesn't minutes Saturday night Edwin assistant Kenny Atkinson has been hired as the new head coach for the Brooklyn Nets yesterday four playoff games three playoff blowouts clippers be Portland in Game one one fifty ninety-five San Antonio beat Memphis one of six seventy-four and Miami blew away Charlotte one twenty-three ninety-one winning Game one in Cleveland Cavaliers held off Detroit One oh six one oh one Toronto beat the Reds socks at Fenway Park yesterday five three four game series Anze this morning it is the annual eleven o clock Patriots Day game at the one hundred twenty of running the Boston Marathon begins at nine thirty two for the women and ten a am for the man in Hopkinson the defending champions lovely said the sea set and Caroline rotates are back in the field this year forethought had was a brought to you by rom Donovan's Julian Edelman's dealer you can five better Quality diamond in a better Price anywhere got around dot com today on John Wallach of off the field for sports ninety-five the sport's of your next.