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Listen: ladies and gentlmen the good news is America's not running

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This or of gas Bull really is Steve more The Heritage Foundation and freedom works joins me in studio now which brings de number of economic experts in the studio to one NSA leave it great to have you on the program exceeding thank you for joining Irish Ira an that Larry pastor quiz I asked him who said we can sustain a future powered by a fuel that's rapidly disappearing any correctly identify the President of United States from present doesn't Obama has banned probably the wrong estimate arc on on the contrary and this oil boom you just talked about Larry I mean he a said repeatedly an especially missed first-term that the reason we have to move to a green energy an outdoor solar power the when powers because were running out of oil and gas of course ladies and gentlmen the good news is America's not running out of oil and gas were running into a big-time minutes because of the technologies that Larry Mansion so much so that this a say yes supplies shock and that's the main reason that they price of gasoline at the pump has gone Doc now Larry I could qualify what you were talking about I just the make-up of reduction an the natural gas prices witch's fallen by two thirds of not reduction and they while price which has fallen by also about two thirds has save key American consumer about a thousand dollars a year and not just burn average family that's a lot of money and that's money that they can mouse bound on other things now Larry you I heard you make the point quite correctly that without what without up rocking an oil and gas shale boom we would not been out of the recession and that's pretty much pretty much true that especially in the first four five years of the recovery without this amazing exploration on and drilling for oil and gas we wouldn't have got not a recession all on that new jobs were India all gas industry which by the way is you know Larry an Francis is BNA strain of Prague Obama hates the most so no good deed goes on punished admits ministration I just wanna make one other point dad what Larry sat Francis I believed that this is one of our greatest foreign policy and national security tools that we can now producer energy here are and that lazy dumbest very simple every single bear old oil that we drill in the United States is one last bear olive oil but we half the gap oftentimes from countries intertwined a care less whether it's you know about we know isis gets about ten million dollars a week from Petro dollars Larry good correct me if I'm wrong but if I recall correctly you were a big proponent of the Republican call Olive be above several years ago when that was a slogan that they used I think very effectively that slogan seems to have disappear do I recall you're enthusiasm per that well yes look boldest I mean one of these other hypocrisy these He Obama hit and they'd ministration is their intense dislike for nuclear power that's true which is of course the clean if you'll possible yeah an yard goes back to this Sony business about win and solar and so forth and giving tax credits in the department of energy is like a hedge fund you know as a running a big portfolio.