The Benefits Of A Raw Whole Food Diet

Karin Dina, co-author of "The Raw Food Nutrition Handbook: An Essential Guide to Understanding Raw Food Diets," talks about the health benefits of eating raw whole foods.

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"It focuses on whole natural planet foods in their raw forms, specifically fruits and vegetables."

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Lets talk about what a raw diet is though because it seems intuitive its raw, but its for different people and I have read a lot of different cookbooks some people not everything is raw and they even heat it a little bit. So lets start with first off you and I are on the same page with, we are talking about a whole food raw diet right? it's a whole food plant based raw actually lifestyle correct? it's not really a diet. - That's correct, yes that's correct and it focuses on whole natural planet foods in their raw forms, specifically fruits and vegetables , -right, - nuts and seeds and maybe some sprouted grains or legumes, but mostly fruits and vegetables I would say, -and so you talk about whole foods and I am so happy you made this distinction because not every raw food book is whole foods, I mean they use food but they don't necessarily use whole foods, but why what is the reason that we want people to eat the raw food? - well because in the whole foods you have a variety of important nutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and that's all in a whole food complex alone with fiber and in fractionated foods like for example oils what you get is a 100 percent fat and you are missing out on the vitamins and minerals and the phytonutrients that you would have had if it was in a whole food complex. - Exactly and the synergy that you get between those different components of that whole food complex is something you will never get from a fractionated food or a a fractionated pharmaceutical product, will you? - No that's correct, - ya and that is why we want the whole foods because we want to get that whole complex we want the synergy in the food we want all the health giving properties, you know the stuff that non of us think about the stuff that is not on the label, because there are no labels in vegetables so do buy food with labels. So whole foods in there most natural form, form as its grown and that's it.