Listen: "Twelfth forty point game of the season for Steph Curry, he had forty points and ten rebounds"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Dot com owed twelve forty point game of the season for Steph Curry he added forty points and ten rebounds so he actually rebounding quite nicely out I did a back forty one point thirteen rebound excuse me he rebounded quite nicely from the game at the Lakers on Sunday now the closest competitor as we know in the West is the fit antonio spurs they get picked up of game when the Warriors last but they get right back on Monday night because bait fall in a game that Indy right now but it's not they're dealing with the Bailey medical emergency but that's no excuse for the way that they allowed any to jump out to a big lead early on a back the Pacers led by double digits most of the game Monta Ellis with twenty-six Paul George also with twenty-three really the problem was one of the big problems won that one for Spurs got down they could not hit the broad got on the board from beyond the arc and Phil baiting or four of twenty-eight from three-point land and just didn't have the firepower from long-range to either opened things up for it to be able to make up ground in bunches for the Spurs lose at the Pacers they now have ten full losses on the season which means the best they can do is tied the Chicago Bulls single-season mark of seventy two and ten if after hours on CBS sports radio.