Listen: "Is it tarnished by yesterday's loss to the Lakers"

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Sam Greenwood
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Yeah Warriors Orlando Magic tonight as the best things you get right back on the Morrison then Wednesday night against Utah line Abby out there to be fun about the way of immense India but the Warriors our goal for the new consecutive home streak record tonight is it tarnished by yesterday's loss to the Lakers down it's a home game I mean if they win tonight they bailing on to record the Blues tonight Canada I'm kidding like what you me alcohol or get moving the The players a ten of their final twenty-one against teams below five hundred you do play San Antonio of three times down the stretch but twice in the final week of the season it will see with they'll do they do not play the Cleveland Cavaliers they're done with the Cavaliers they beat them twice or not done thinking about the Cavaliers because Le Brun keeps crop enough on social media because I know you're your passion for your hatred for LeBron's phony Nez and his his selfishness in his ability to destroy team remains an coach killer all that stuff and that's not click is an internet click fence QC el que you eat them I can Mean Girls you've got a quick yeah early that like almost nothing he doesn't see or an all that and I've you know I've was on admired your takes for years in your slowly won me over as I was early on like all this guy's great man he's in line chair high Jack tough as recently as last week Pauly asked me about his business down in Miami and I said Steph Curry has rendered him basically meaning Weiss so my passion doesn't burn quite is white-hot but that design till doesn't mean we're not going to knock him for what he does he posted this yesterday on Instagram it was him sure listen a jam you know what I saw this and he's just going to tell us how great he is here right you know.