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Listen: "This is Peyton Manning's last game"

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Doug Benc
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If Seattle or if Denver gets smashed the way they were by Seattle couple years back and began I know is not one well like that it's only getting worse I don't know how you approach this game as anything other than this is Peyton Manning's last game and I think that he knows that to listen to what you believe it was one report for manifold media that you can tell people close Dan dead it probably is last game we saw the Mike's pick him up on field telling Bill Bela check it's probably my last rodeo look apos we have in that game to beat him to believe that he would want to continue to play and still play effectively he did not have a good year this year in fact his worst year ever a missed six of last seven games if on him on loaded up for one big shot one last big shot one last big game and that's this Sunday So what I'm saying is the fact the Rams a wasting their time also it took until Wednesday but finally somebody from Carolina stepped up bids Super Bowl week in scoring to look at me and was the rapid the rot that the raw coming in these guys are all about themselves is too much look at me there air again there cocky their brash affected and entire week of that but that's not the way spent it so yesterday finally some do stepped up and get it you know how tough when a minute Lyle Kyle Brett seven in the nasty something honor that I'm in the middle of a segment on looking around was that are was that not the war gunslinger hits a walk right by really all gunslinger Houston Brett Farve is here and so fascinating to look at because he has like the body of Adrian Peterson but like the headed like Papa smart it's unbelievable his Luck it's like his body is gone is is got younger by thirty years and his has got all the right eighty it's all grade bearded because you know why that is to get.