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A New Best Friend: How The Cavs Spent Their Summer With 'Larry' The Trophy

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Ezra Shaw
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You know that the ten eight show has along and colorful history of taking the stanley cup on two or three to member of the championship team gets the trophy for a day and some nba players have adopted to practice with the larry o brien trophy in recent years but new york times sports reporter scott cathy ola says the extent to which the cap leaders have embrace the trophy is unique and not without reason scott how so we've seen this in recent years so babcock he gives her treating be the larry o'brien trophy or late actually perder literally took to the wary he where to go with it and this really the the someone along but will gracious in when you do the best friend over the summer kind of up with the cavaliers this week inept but their travel clearly and what that experience has been late in the that chip injured grow was still and still you know we're cleveland especially the world should come in the league also writes well the speaks to must be special in cleveland right is you point sports championships star of to town so like this is a la or san antonio where they've had kind of multiple championships absolutely i mean i think for people here this is also real they went at nineteen people were with the last major what i don't backs we won the nfl championship that year and they went got the map was bad but that's what i mean happen century and the cavaliers what it all in june and now in that span months that got another team ryan for the a huge title the indians will obviously play game one against the cubs or night which happen to coincide with the cavaliers you can opener against the knicks wow about app our before the first pitch of the world misery at progressive field you know cleveland the cavaliers will unveil their chair which it and we keep their championship before their home opener happening with the mike it's the we noted and and the all right next each other are going to happen with an hour in cleveland and it's like you better when championship started could be the seven as grace was being with scott jessie ola sports reporter at the new york times covers the nba is pieces called cavaliers reward for the title this to share a prized.