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Listen: "Why are you taking a newborn to the Super Bowl it's stupid"

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Chris Graythen
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Get a six-month Although the two and a half years old and I'm like any like was so I don't summed up the that the Convention Center which is a long champ away from here it's of the NFL's toppled is like a bottom something I'm like for you notched you're just six months old into would have been the can remember Amy saying nothing mission take your kid to the zoo you shouldn't have a birthday party for one year old Houston by and Superbowl souvenir Scott I'm like you shed light on the pre yourself you're going to remember this is I'm stuck with two teenagers that remember to reach the game so why are you taking a newborn didn't Super Bowl it's stupid carried away what would depicts your Drew Brees and his kid after they won this rule but he's given the diverse was voted by the human have two years old two or three weeks old what he did not saying the wind since Bill Clinton subs terrible that she has a baby I mean the key one TD team ticket will be a play Beal just is a filthy responded or the babysitter well and Smith and so I step in his three result Clark but the ball did they were already week-old and not the Bulls are routes off of the Super Bowl was not just as a kid babysitter Bird three recall what sort of monster or here how about a habit of grandmother from either side get Graham was able to maybe though the Colts 'Let's live from Tennessee had enough legs for that are not last won I know you're taking the Broncos get the final score a slight knowing the beginning of the week I actually had a caught a high led thirty twenty seven move over time or last minute but I changed my mind and I changed my mind because I spent more time as a lot though the brunt of anywhere but I'm I'm getting is sense of their togetherness their bond with they really are but I just think it so it's a special defense I think the Broncos often not special I I really gets to the Broncos baby taking one bad kick in field-goal they got a great field-goal kicker prey to make an absolute outstanding and the condition by the way and step just down at simulate seventy one Degrees Sunday is going to like the warmest day ever in Santa Clara on that day so it's really ideal conditions for the kicking game for the Broncos which is good anyway I think it's going to be twenty seventeen Broncos I think the spotlight can be a little bit too bright for a there really talented Canyon in a win really talented team but they're just probably just a little young their years of they are they are a really good college team they got that college fielder probably Carolina's the Broncos are a professional peak and they're more like that fully down the block that's going to steal your once money and laugh about it later and everybody's Smith everywhere though I got me so big well DeMarcus Ware's pretty big Von Miller is pretty athletic So my job Derrick was a six five two ninety five lead Jackson's about a pro lighter you know there's been some lined up under those small if you know so yeah you know point seventeen Broncos very close the game not predicting makeup blowout although his season Carolina can you know you know think they got it we are to begin with the We Are you saw what happens when the number one all offense was the number one defense is we have the number one often is two years ago and how that go well not well for your guys halted Bowman assaulted Aaron McKie video for three The Fan in Denver Levy daring that it's all going to know that but he'll it he for Denver up if you're from Carolina and you want to look so there and when you get to Dehner to spin ace he's just having fun he's an afternoon regular I just pulled in some fun at the opposing team's city and the opposing team's fans it's all it's all good natured ribbing if you will Do they should ribbing you might want to see division boy this defend the New England Patriots and we come back as the top minutes tonight Bonino CBS Sports Radio.