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Listen: "The oldest pitcher ever to play in a game in the major leagues"

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That several years up to the which are your brother brave journey pitched some innings in relief but our level watching the game as he tore breaking ball in relief on the ball more than any breaking ball I've ever seen in my life you might want to check to see wholly was a lot well look and what I'd like to mount missed six weeks but now he was fifty nine years two-month eighteen days so is the oldest pitcher ever to play the game in the major leagues there you go that was the nineteen sixty five year you go 'OK I ever gritty thing thank you start he was also obviously inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame I played for and not only the Negro League but then Major League Baseball's well eight five five two one two four two two seven or you can timing on Twitter at a local radio let's go with Brent in is losing intend to figure out next year after hours this is where you know I'm good thank-you on the most important Callie of ahead without on smart OK the most successful golf over forty with no big a same reducing won the Masters event who made forty four forty two we thought they might want to Masters after the age of forty so he was more successful than Jack Nicolas to one wanted or to fix I think that he picked in the He peaked in a sporty teams but he probably will more tournaments inject in this forty I Why don't know the guy who entered Sunday it was number he was number one one in the world and Joe Tiger Woods took over they switch back import the OK so the day is the goal for a minute to look bad up I I watch D.J. golf a bunch yeah maybe there were about twenty tournaments closer twenty tournaments in this forty well I certainly know that he one more when he was older which is possible when you are golfer I he's now fifty two years old the big Dejan cruised to love that Nick picking up but all looking up a look up at the helm Eddie tournaments he won after forty yes I'm interest the learned into on only won a lot and I start they do so much for listening intent to three eight five five two one two four two two seven months it's good for me or tweet thing here it all radio David says Darryl Green the team big DUI says Nolan Ryan Oh yeah it's certainly if you're thinking about accomplished pitchers who are more modern era May and he could still bring it and there is talk that he could still throw Heat with his fastball even today sometimes you just got guide the did say he had the Armon Pete says George Forman absolutely George form and another guy that was on what they accomplished but he did have some seven a strong matches them victories into his forty ease could United him trying to box now <silence> if it all about that one is girls now college to thrive you're either tweet <silence> Wright Farmer had a great forty year old fees and not fifth who graded forty one and any also mentions is from Larry Larry also mentions Chipper Jones had forty his last year John says favored forty plus athletes Dave Winfield Nolan Ryan Chris Chelios more Anderson Paul mala there the Mario Bernard Hopkins the best old guy in sports history and says I believe Brady Johnson was it is forty youth I always liked him that PFT am but I liked Ernie Johnson too Robson's George playing as well so does Adam Call so this is a fun topic swimmer dare to or as I had a chance to work with her at a conference was it more like a panel In October I think it was and member she had to come back at forty one years old the went back to the Olympics and was successful and medaled again eight five five two one two four two two seven rate is in Santa Monica Europe Nexen after hours CBS Sports Radio.