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Listen: "Ted Cruz won in Idaho, and Marco Rubio won nothing"

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Benjamin Krain
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He got a winner yes yes a dig at a due to win and that list in Michigan and everybody that that claim like that when Maddon that Ryan has done a defense with this means is that when Ohio Missouri and I of a althought next Tuesday We don't know what's going to happen now so as Chris tenets have that's huge wins as well he won in Hawaii miscue nemesis that tech was might end at how and Marco Rubio won that thing oh you know I Donald Trump you're going to number junkies when it was all those the White people we don't know what it's like to be Port both por right people in America voting for guys out a sense that there's never been more many spent on hitting somebody that has spent on me everything aligned as attack me as kind and I'm very proud of that because that's what we should have for our country and yes food to bring up a good one for Murray in honor of people next adding two righty thin does on it out last but dont you to data's not discrimination game winning early claim a flag he was there I don't know you're there Rio Hillary got me tools now appreciably shot yes a secret that is axiom as it a suspect in the shooting of an Idaho past there we have a guy through some items over the White House Bensons Hale hands an old and he was taken into custody last night and Washington it isn't flashy eyes another unknown at did all the right has spent is expected as hitting packets him a Redington this happened on Sunday outside of its hurts an item whoa after the student who found ways he added a lasting ten even though we had a felony Wawrinka and it's in as he was identified they put the born in the system and at that was for tens of first-degree murder yes is that he left the Heinsohn writing that included the names of the past just sat and have a lot makers and a manifesto so you know yes at the Facebook post Eddie play that us not insert now he shot eight hasta he should the book at other guys is expected to survive though they phenom in the parking lot at the officers on Sunday after ending it's never going ARLINGTON by might lose in the young though young guns is you there every day I think different rankings alright and that's front page news that's eight hundred five eight one.