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Listen: "You were able to watch what the Broncos were going through, because they were winning"

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Christian Petersen
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Around it reminds me a little bit of what we solid Peyton Manning at the end now Greinke and completely different that's why it was more it and that's why he was more palatable right like you're able to watch what The Broncos are going through because they were winning any with improbable to be sure about what the D men dead first against the Steelers then against the Patriots then a Super Bowl against the Panthers they were up the U drives in their early in games when Payton was good I guess the Steelers Taylor was that it was late when they have the scoring drive but a early in the AFC Championship win a Super Bowl there was some often things like that not all the quarterback's fault just like if not all Colby Ryan's fault the run game is bad the o line was a mess and a guy like Obi got a bunch of great players around him but he Younger pieces or role players but at least with The Broncos won't what was going Allen Peyton Manning was cringe worthy they were winning and that was the overriding story line the fact that they won a Super Bowl this is just through it all I can't watch when The Lakers are on national TV I am not to watch it makes me trench in a feat just below so you get open you absolutely nailed it after hours here on CBS Sports Radio.