Listen: "Kevin Durant chipped in with 26 points"

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Bob Levey
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Phoenix Peter sports we begin with one of the NBA's Western Conference Finals The Warriors held a thirteen point halftime with against Oklahoma City with a second half forecast call for plenty of fun the ref crossing over rocket right move up month eighteen foot jumper we don't want to warrant one hundred with may one young who Warriors in Game one one away one oh two rounds to watch for twenty-seven points six boards twelve assists while Kevin Durant's chipped in with twenty-six points and twelve rebounds that's all four homers for the outscored Golden State sixty-one forty-two No in the second half of The Warriors stuff period twenty-six points seven assists Game two is set for Wednesday in Oakland other NBA news the Blazers have reportedly agreed to terms on a contract extension with head coach Terry Stotts in people Federer Brian for the campy NBA Rookie of the Year Stanley Cup Playoff team too the Eastern Conference Final.