Why Last Names Didn't Exist Before The Middle Ages

Dr. Michio Kaku explains why people, like Jesus, did not have last names prior to the middle ages.

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 or gave you I should ask a question that a lot of people ask when they beat the viable and in Sundays go like like I did and that is she how come people didn't have last names are middle aims back then Jesus was Jesus of mass arrest Andy half the remember that back then population was not very high there was really unknown necessity that have a last name if you were from NASA wrath in your Jesus while you were Jesus of master at an that was it that's all you need it to identify you however as populations begin to rise during the Middle Ages. This began to become very inconvenient there were a lot of people who were the son of John then so they were called John sun but there were a lot of them and so the idea of a middle name and began to be born during thee Middle Ages Shakespeare became really him Shakespeare becomes the fact that during the Middle Ages populations began to rise now we sometimes you don't realize that the great cities on the planet Arthur we have today were only 8 fraction of their size hundreds of years ago when we Reid about Paris silly reader bad Berlin that we Reid have have New York wealth turn the dial of the clock back and he began to realize that they were settlements there were villages if you go back far enough. When you go back to the thousand years an you look at the biblical cities they've tried estimate the population these biblical cities the population was only only measured inn the thousands a perhaps tens of thousands, very few cities every hit a hundred thousand during these biblical times and so there is really no necessity for a last name until populations began to rise during D Middle Ages, okay moving right along let's take the next listener phone call police their earnings Alex linking arm calling from the House in Georgia, and so then you call it for a film the nose cone that whole thing he Big Bang Theory on the conservation matters ANE. Just everything startups in some places in the universe started chrome basically nothing how does nothing tremendous something, well if I could answer that question indeed tell I would win the Nobel Prize then be considered the next Einstein this is one of the