Listen: Can The Bruins Afford Brad Marchand and keep Louis Ericsson Next Year?

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Doug Pensinger
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Coming up and Loui Eriksson right the somebody Smith significance that is somebody significant thirty goals walking out the door for nuts all serious are there you go through these gun oh by the way we can officially now second guess that move right since the Bruins did not make the playoffs of not trading Loui Eriksson even if you weren't going to get a first round are for him how bad the fact that you could have gotten anything for him and still missed the playoffs visit the taping but maybe get him back the fact that he could get a couple seconds for I think now it does say that the market may not be as hot for him as he would like so it's it's possible that they they are able to to sit him man but at the same time I hope they don't overextend themselves cement same thing I've said before the deadline that were God I would might have Loui Eriksson around here for another few years but a team needs five or six years now absolutely not if you can really if you really can fit him man and still afford to pay Marsh and what he's going to need starting a year from now then okay then then I'd be wont to do it but it's got to be on your terms not his but yeah that's thirty goals the won't be around here next year but they're gonna be relying on you know the try no cost or knack Chris or you know people like that to to step up and replaced maybe it's not all on one guy but you're gonna need him those young guys to all contribute to that six one seven seven seven nine zero ninety-eight five by the way Mack tournaments in a join us.