Joe Piscopo On Planned Parenthood

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And with Heather as well dead Beason The House the Lawrie, off now I feel better had highs out I frank I'm down one down again, and when he's stations him down when you stationed that W.G.R.Z., here there with even get people, the best the bad recovery will go traffic six twenty-one right now I'm a comeback on a chat about this because I really don't know that guys is particularly in roads should decide when a woman does with their body I just a trouble with that and maybe that's a father three dollars talking I'm not sure, well I would be thinking, well first of all the choice I believe basically as before Conception, and also what it up be on board woman's right, yeah at say you know I always think you know I mean if it happens less take responsibility and enter their it is I mean that's a that's just my that's the you know I and that's just the way I believe I have a base different and ins, it's a complicated issue I just don't like that that they celebrated and pro choice propio your what you are but to celebrate that was a lot settling a Debbie when he's on the road six twenty-two good to have your back is not the same move when you're not here sweetie and if you guys that so much fun I love it every morning that amount now and is in rained down the sure but New yet we're kind a hole. The knock on a cloudy yeah, but still traffic there, add to show up, you , reds Von a seven train delays and at the data some ongoing signal problems over on the seven train traffic and moving folly approaching the end down Georgia ten minutes in Lincoln fifteen Holland fifteen come stopping the traffic on the New Jersey terrified restaurants for north of eighteen W., an accident reported there when I know I found a fair amount Avenue over and with both of them avoid remain divine, traffic of moving a little bit only now and unit that this on the South Bend giving up Martha Lamb getting down for a thorn when it's all different ongoing construction brought to you by an now has a broken health founded or again for the coming into the year, as an elder in you not in the dreams of having a community to fall is down No two dreams of the same help one person achieve there isn't and found dot org, checking the weather muscle, adding that the chance, and if down with a high set of eighty-three tomorrow mostly sunny with a high of eight effect, you now nowhere not to get a lot and get beat their man am ninety seventy fiancee, all the time, Lakers Email every ten seconds or your ex is Instagram, but what about checking something as important as your credit, well discover makes a quick easy and best of all free in fact discoveries the only major credit card to offer fight of credits course to everyone for free even if you're not a customer we call it the discover credit scorecard and once you know you're score you should check to see if you're current credit card is the best fit for you. 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He's got friends in the business and he's got stars that come on the show, this is a great Joe and I will take full credit because that was my idea that Franco that was Show on a good night seventy behead sit at that's my of W. about it so you don't want to miss it it's go brought in with Franco sponsored by the good guys over at Lexus of angle with and you can find it right here on the answer every Sunday at noon, happening in the early work, the her Long Island hear about it with Joe Piscopo, during, in the end, nine seventy, here, and, good morning in morning and joked miss give on the radio great to have you with us here late as June twenty eighth already seventy degrees in New York City eight seven seven nine seven oh twenty-nine ninety-nine we love having you with this you know we're gonna go to Frankie F.Y. Boroughs in a moment and he's getting is got all the headline News but the No, immediate grab a couple calls because I need to the small on each of Baby on need you to help that I I mean I'm look into than those and I see if the reaction, of the General media and and that's a disagree with that but I'm not I don't get angry about it and just confuse and then the little help me go to Mike in ice debate if I made this would make a doing this morning. In the midst of composite against bad big blunder, that long, but you're either, that one but it but I have a bye, but I can, yeah yeah yeah that with that makes the Knicks have some pedigree, and then some, luck could then since November identity, he is, so it might Michael back to that he had to win the warp a network or heart haven't trouble union but you're right yeah you know I but I might get you use aim at Bank of a cart because he's right I think about the Planned Parenthood the way they were between baby put you know that in my head is set to make the butt A.A.A. you know it's like I wouldn't do pass so this sweeping long but you can't do that but I I don't care, what the really don't care what you believe in and I believe in protecting the young born I believe in that that's that's nice speaking and we can have a discussion about that but if you if you're pro choice and this will be goes down, I'm just fifteen and you don't celebrated notable market mineola hire mark a doing this morning, and Joey what's up you know the talking about that Ticket the clip in warrant ticket, I mean, hot choice can not be, any worse, at this ready being want to take over, , and ran so I'll be all on ball that the American Indians is I mean it don't. He's a lot of big, you know all Ahl whatever out, the she had I mean, and they look also dropping which I mean I might in the twilight Jones, thank you, thank you, thank you you know Mark absolutely why you make could be feel good bed because I don't of these David either but they'll punch at the polls up Liza say I'm on the Trump calls that what the A.B.C. poll A.B.C.S. credibility because our Frederick line that A.B.C. the political Decker immediate but when The Washington Post is in there it's got no credibility because that Paul the A.B.C. watching the Bulls ball were Trump was down, up to twelve fourteen points whatever it was it was because they pulled mostly Democrats and that is a concerted effort to throw, the Donald under the bus that's exactly what that was for them with the other, poll the N.B.C. Wall Street Journal Paul had Donald down by six percent so, you got to take that you have to look through it and how calmly deep look at me I come on the radio come on the radio to within have some fun with a tall can atop the thank you five barrels Won Al as he would tilt what Allen love Debbie and we'd love you for listening but goodness gracious it's exhausting to I'd have to win a look at the news if I come an interpreter it's like I'm an interpreter, I had the break down exactly what that means and what the press is doing because they told there is and I face a and getting him is Tillman ball the credit risk of the mainstream media. Ruff said the drive by media any sub so will be right, they will take the narrative and put it the way they wanna put it on the hunt of sick and tired of it and I will interpret this every morning as exhausting as it is, much fun as we wanna have on the radio all break it down for you and I'll stay because they will they will grow things out us for their own agenda and I read one article after another article at the something online watching the news, hearing the radio and it's all to change your mind to put Hillary and office and you know what I'm sick of it and we will break it down together we will I will get out you Frankie five boroughs as might almost a D.J. in America ace in the hole, on the fact that both will interpret this to make sense and your phone calls help me do that because I read it it up Frankie flyballs I feel like I'm out the mother language on beating the moves effect on the line and I've day interpret you not interpret double what he really means and and the way we're really feel we get guide you get that feeling yeah it sounds like any one of those old-fashioned Dakota range dry, rights to go up at his Paul says that all but it's an A.B.C. Paul would return it this twenty fifth rims to the lab are as this Bosh was that. Six, yep, real quick I know we go out of people when you're right, one one one small, one pick to pay, what I yesterday the entire day from the time I left the Airways with the yet, I was, to myself and to anybody that had been unfortunate, the duty of having next to me, the whole day, for hours like a mental patient, I was saying to myself, you're probably would not really know what right, look bad, now I never would have done that had he not been him on the radio, yeah remain would not be glad what practic, I can't tell you what would be better read the play to make it like I couldn't stop doing it's like what a song get that put your head yes it was a has unbelievable is the a's though that eyes that and the Hudler to build the lead ahead that, I had that but I tweeted out but made that Street was not back the Habs Sorry sorry and the Vikings good I good, the Lauri about that Frankie, I'll bet you got a lefty got F.O. but it but the about the they've got breaks of hits, that England spent the board self, looking Ok who said yesterday at New Year wouldn't bite you that you won't bend the streets among the building of look like blunder the more colleague as Murray number, that's right and doesn't mean on look like they look like Backus there and I don't care had nothing against anybody in the Middle East but you know what I try to kill you know maybe. Changes, the event may have right now, and then when they come to argue with, oz, Lee went on to consider K.D. are immigration policy, like a beast opened up the Rowand out there, all we have fired up this morning hazy eye John Bolden batted a Bolden on the show, and you know who's coming up very very shortly as the one the only Arthur right dollar I believe Frankie five boroughs Arthur is back from his honeymoon just yet I still in Australia, the homing us that that's for you he loves me but he really love you, that's really the thank you for doing that because when it comes to the Supreme Court there was nobody, smarter certainly going our threat dealt to explain exactly what happened with this out, abortion lot but right now at six thirty-three active Jacob revenues, settle down a little bit of remain what you from it what what brags that but we're gonna, if you do with it said pretty good Friday, I would putting the whole day yesterday, it was sort route from the call, and I'm then what, all day, seeds thirty-four Frankie by Barrows of all the headline News on a night said to be the answer, news, this is the United Center, the answer, sixteen, is it six thirty-four I'm Frank Morano with your local its first use what's going on the Bronx district attorney, is being Hirsch the drop all charges against Mama duty our yellow. With the sixty-one year old husband, who fatally beat a man who allegedly tried to rape is white and the player months section of the brought to the court hearing yesterday, I was lawyer said he suffered enough yellows currently facing assault charges after he was caught on camera last month attacking for all Nash inside his build invalidate, and Hillary Clinton in Massachusetts editor Elizabeth Warren are teaming up to take on Donald Trump campaign stop yesterday in Ohio, one wasted no time, going after the likely Republican nomination Warren make fun of fronts campaign, messed up, make America great again which he set a stamped on the front of his blue we have, in sports the Mets gave up off for nothing lead after national scored eleven unanswered runs and route to an eleven four win over the Mets in Washington and after a rain delay the Yankees fell the Rangers nine six the answers lost a heartbreaker the million area I was eleven the sex stuck in traffic Didier Amos got the answer and divided you Frank thank you so much for you got a ninety, North back after sitting watch out for an accident there traffic is still building here as you head over to the inbound G.W.D. looks like a police department activity it's your here on the lower level sellout fifteen to twenty aptly invented it, B.N.P. Lincoln up to thirty already Holland twenty-five New Jersey turnpike Western spurn north of eighteen W., an accident southbound a jersey champ I can twelve it's an accident on the shoulder of the truck lanes and stopping go traffic one nine northbound getting up toward the area of their mount Avenue in Elizabeth it's a broken water main over there it's still really busy on the prospects West outright third avenue watch for some volume year as you head over to be a light us down solid traffic. The turnpike seven train delays and it's all due to signal problems to train still lays as well with mechanical issues, cloudy today chance of star throughout the day with a high at seventy eighth you now nowhere not to go on to beat the pain am ninety seventy the answer brought to you by live watch on security systems protect your loved ones with live what security live what's helps you connected responded to ten times faster an emergency instant communication they know what's happening now live watches no long-term, tracks save up to fifty percent off own security call eight five five live watch or visit live watch dot com, hey Joe Piscopo on the radio Hey how are you hate it six thirty-six in the morning Arthur I data live from Australia are you kidding me I you kidding me only with biscuit both thank you to Frankie five boroughs Morano Arthur standing by momentarily let me if I make tell you about it about balance of nature if you're feeling rundown Dunne of the energy that used to its proper, because you not enough fruits and vegetables it's time to try to bounce of may just rudely vegetables and capsule form balance of nature is not like ordinary vitamins their made with synthetic so it's just natural food and capsule with tens of thousands of vital nutrients from one hundred percent hole food plants and vegetables once you start taking balance of make she appeal, great people report that the skin looks better have less aches and pains and they have a lot more energy it's time to improve the Quality of your life call balance of nature eight hundred two four six seven five one that's eight hundred two four six seven five one use the promo code be answer for a three.