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Listen: "Imagine you never had money and all of a sudden you're a multi-millionaire"

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Scott Olson
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You can i eight think about it waged a match he's never had many in our net you're a multi Loney again you can have anything on everything it is very hard for people all he is not only from South could drag out hard all kinds of the team going over the top and not Man playing it can i people crazy people in your family your circle two he became I want that money that's crazy but it had been people it trigger wendle very Darth when people if they know that one that kind of money very danger and he won the lottery I was thinking media body guards afterwards for sure well again Henry ample iba a run a coffee eight with the win and I want to get to take care of and doctor she won tried nearly and hurt and he got murder we've injected by punter painkiller who had then yeah I had no idea that hurt ending the Shattuck he found out he thanked lefty became a He she would go to conclude now he didn't regular there had Bennett yeah I see basically she would murdered lead a killer angle to get his grip when I'm not not to buy a lottery ticket because that would be if it because you know I went anyway he eight I'm probably going to bite line can what the health for what I'm hearing it no we because I can't what had happened to people that have one that kind of money I don't get that you can Gase Beal right they added the limelight go to it he then in a banged don't so why I really believe young came here lie Canaan frame half very year get anything I think Gump you're looking at and sched yeah I think that is great and vice just don't do anything Don't change or so you can work I think you can Lo Cain because you know can make a rational decision also played and a situation like this they're going to happen English and having that set I held my when no one really like a kid that may create hours.