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Listen: "If I get you off-balance at the line of scrimmage, you can't recover, you're not going to recover"

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Rob Carr
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Guys got on their forty nine who not what the electronic time said but with the him guys got on their forty and if it's good enough I'm not going to get gotten so we make a big deal about it but for wide receiver so much of it is route running its it's a precision of get an out a break so few what I have called her news creating separation I got yeah you know it out of Gopher double move for you know I don't go to chant you when you beat me by little yeah Yvon running with you step for step again I wrote a four five or you're to four five six than that and I run of both for five different in essence yes I'm right up there step perspective separate step it but if I if I get that if I get to off-balance at the line of scrimmage get recover you're not going to recover also is a when a significant it it is but it's also not do I get I can create you concrete that you know I mean so I hear you make a huge deal about this but it doesn't actually technique can kind of may help or exact both sides executive and they Anquan Boldin and fourteen years that is still a starting quite receiving the National Football League has zero to do with his ability to separate or two run I fast forty which I'm sure is about forty nine right now nice job clear in that upright football the Forte is O's go take.