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Billy Bush Is Officially Out Of The Today Show 

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Craig Barritt
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About and the fact that anyone that in nevada danny is officially out at the today so he's been cuts he was in three point clown million a year ready to get a three year deal for three plan five million now he's added as buddy that have no nascar's the class that he's able to go lack at a competing stated and do whatever he needs it will people hire him know in the least is also somebody people are advantage that he said i'm deeply grateful for the conversation that have at my daughter's and for all the support for my family friends in kyle these other port so what lies ahead and billy with somebody going to be the fall guy man you didn't join us a hundred have bus at you got don't and the yeah right well as front page news that's all you may they don't hit five eight travel to five one if you upsets need to vic callers now maybe had a bad morning a bad night whatever it may be if you just want to call you can fit you can get things off the chest we'll listen but which lavalley air kick five eight five one oh.