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Listen: "Eastern Conference finals now for the Tampa Bay Lightning" 

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Bruce Bennett
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Getting our Pierre McGuire look on NBC Victor Hedman's second goal of the game the Lightning it in them and eighth the Islanders with a four one victory in Tampa in Game five the win the series four games to one back-to-back Eastern Conference Finals now for the Tampa Bay Lightning I got say some this this team is it's it's if they're not under rated I just feel like they're armed or respected because when they lose Stevens tempo's not many people are talking about how really talented the rest of this roster is we all know how good Ben Bishop is in net and the ten the Lightning I have a whole list of players that really are at the top of their game when Victor Hedman right now this a comes Smyth candidate that's how good he's been playing obviously scored the two goals in this game but Hedman is as what nine points in his postgame so in this postseason so far AP is really one of the leaders on this team not to mention how good Nikita Kucherov has been playing they're getting contributions from everybody Jonathan true in on ball leave a ball what he is added to this team it's amazing how a little faith in the guy really shows and it comes throw this Jonathan Drouin had a really interesting way of.