Joe Piscopo On Gay Marriage

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Mike Gallagher
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After all this portion of this get going the morning brought to you by both Del sporting goods stores, now the good news is that, see news sues I'm gonna love you and I know but is love you, number the oil leak, i'd love to be the so room, com or the you know the the vote, when you that, it was just one of those things, but all day the that the, dot gov, if you're a news you, no love love, some rain on what rates what we feel that had Jack the news as cigarette now you know I think a good morning cup is the power of the radio this is a little intimate out this is what you would me that's sixty seven is daily go what you six o'clock in what his list of the you're listening and that's why I'm seat for you get that break out the Jack is our great got as a guy that we gotta do early in the morning I know you know I I love the smoky studio I love the the like that frankly fide viral Hannity yeah I know I know you look I know you look I some things you know of for that's the forgetting to be you guys is a of what's the from the next and when and a great time when like you the Brooklyn that's what a great time to the Brooklyn that's Morgan's this isn't the Berkeley Center and a little chats the stuff we can remember I remember bringing it to the studio the guys just little stuff little step I get the guy nothing Francine Barbara California hope you know my nothing from Atlantic City and so crazy degrees I like to bring stuff back the new group at least a few minutes and when you know it's a debate that is not what I was I was to listen for money from an immigrant past illegal immigrant men who have less my grandmother come they'll and the silly with this one given the music from the six forty-two this the the only remember all of the men the feel beautiful than a blue images but it's a North was so then green mom I know he than double right where my thought was gonna break in your room drawing seat right there so grandma I remember coming home school. And then my Graham few driveway local bed who live with them by uncle bag of that's of chemical engineer jeans and he was like a man's in the these guys they went to the a new College of Engineering now NJIT and he's the guy who been of told you that that had changes listening because the the will companies when a higher Italians eleventh only the the TV dropped about the a naked listening so you get high and local band work with and recall for me developed a nuclear program just is he's gonna be love cause so he had he had with you was that had to be nineteen sixty three of computer member the the bills begin to deal with the chrome on the movie that to young you wanna listen the guys. David Crow home and see turned to help you remember to see the turnout was it with the political red red legacy with the push button taught transmission with the court would Chrysler dodged with but did the when you turn out all my gosh that was doesn't think about that, but the from the seventh or shoot to drive the court that the court with the with the brick tangle steering wheel isolated goodness I was a kid and you thing like illegally something over was was the only cookies or even even though she brings some just something over like that and the the the the the about the new human move the import ban day and those are the things that I think strengthen the legacy of family of the book is The things like that what I try to do is that six forty five a joke just the poll on the radio all Frank the out they this whole political season it's enough I like the humility of Donald Trump I think this is the dollar drawn by love and if the New Hampshire if she wins in New Hampshire next on Monday with on always you the CD people in the fall in love with this guy even more than they are now am I right or wrong but I I tend to agree I think he's gonna win big New Hampshire picked up a big endorsement yesterday from the former Senator Scott Brown who that's very popular New Hampshire and then and he's much more of an establishment guy then you know and I guess most come support on Rotterdam yeah yeah. I have lost track Joe in which the members of the shows up dynasty backing cruise which backing I'm Scott Brown I I I I don't know I know it's on these these actually a nice guy and he is but he was the guy who'd known for any you're absolutely right now I'm we just have a follow the great I you know the guy the we said that the the rocket very cot that the York that about this is that the get really isn't the get from the going and is now support the who that John rocket what Sara pay and what that value then that. What you're there yet the very colleges huge that's that's huge you knew that is huge and and Scott Brown is huge and out on town and was a guy that back the Marco is that did Scott Senator of yeah either big actual that's you know the only black Republican on the planet had no idea, in the Senate certain and that is huge but the guy from dot guys when I was on Telly what when I was with my kids and I'm watching this and it was for the cruise campaign that the that the thing I cannot yeah that's when I don't I don't even like that I live in a world where I know what that somehow truck high he has never seen it I don't know I think the last name the telling although Roberts and I don't know what it's about but I don't have much because I learned when misstep on stage and you say almost like yeah really is the scene not not homosexuality gay marriage thing not It's Ebola lock when you start with that plan turned off get out of my way you know what you lose every but I don't care what you say What is right and what is wrong you can lose everybody and he gets up on stage in the says that I was offended I was afraid that from a gay friends and and the the put this guy is the support you don't understand that all and my kids are watching was a guy and a lot and we've got well you ideal owls says it's a Republican thing sometimes they get a little crazy and you got to stop with that to stop with that that that guide the without list. This becomes the onstage after that the you know I'm a double check but I know one member the Robertson family is supporting cruise and one member supporting from so is it but but anyway I think that this a big for attempted that shows that he's getting support guard around young people that actually have some experience governing as well and working in Washington in a collaborative manner so and you know member Scott Brown just ran for US Senate in New Hampshire he won the Republican primary of for for US Senate out there so I think he's still very popular with Republicans in New Hampshire I thought Frank that maybe Scott Brown vice presidential candidate with on the front not that ticket of thinking I'm thinkin vice president for Joe I like it mark the market do it Marco surfaces is set Caroline likely because it like we think he will but gonna win in South Carolina group all the shooter that but Marco comes out strong room cruise and Tony this is a powerful take on to say on this ain't look for that the agism I just love the dynamics of it you know yeah I think it was the trumping cruise a I don't know the cruise brings much of the table quite frankly I mean obviously he's popular in Texas but that Texas is going to go republican no matter what right so I think if it ever get together I don't know but I think if you were to pick somebody like a circle Rubio they potentially will be of groovy I could say I see truck Rubio but some cases and the talk isI think that some of these somebody that just nights of portion of the party in the cruise doesn't least that I think of Rubio those at least that I don't know that it Kacey can see what he does in New Hampshire very smart man by the way and really incredibly able to the President of the United States and the cases you Ohio governor I don't know I don't know that he's gonna a lecture by a base to party like a cruise Morgan yeah I get you just never know intel afterwards Joe how these decisions are going to we're going to pan out you know so I don't think don't trouble new when he made the decision this getting a debate that might have a negative consequences yeah yeah alright six forty nine really traffic with the new J in the Bronze good morning J don't this morning. Word were having a bullet this political season that it's not what do you think a day, no, Oracle, you know so, right, you know that's so you know you know, just like you know, yeah yeah it's very true that that the gate is the media most the me the I'm Hillary and the treating that with respect not acknowledging the email situation now her John Kerry the current secretary of state also sense and classified emails and his private server which is it's a crime it's wrong to do but I just can't stand the it's it's a papas attitude that they will get away with it and they do get away with it and Bernie to your point J it the Bernie the numbers don't have out when he comes in eagles free college free healthcare and then you look is can we can afford that you can afford it now with with the bright we can for Obama care Obama cases driving up all of that medical costs and the can afford repair he's talking about. People don't even the novices and I'm on the scene of people and staying on track and following this and you write that the media when even address the issues where the details joke this people on the radio listeners that exciting season and it's open gave so we look the you what you say appreciate your call very much eight seven seven nine seven and twenty nine ninety nine eight Kline on the show this morning come on author of the new book on likable the problem with Hillary we're going to get the Hillary in a big way with Mister reclined Congressman Peter AT and I cannot with you know I I us and I will criticized a cruise within Carson was wrong. The evangelical think it's a little might sometimes when it gets to right wing for me but you can't discount Ted Cruz he's a very smart man and very able so was Congressman picking up to say about that Cruz you know what is this is what the body Steve out about on the show PBS thank you are in a different kind enough to sit in for us to be on the radio he's a great broadcaster integrate buddy and every knowledgeable made Steve out about with joined shortly six fifty to this people Tom note on the road with all the traffic is the this morning. In Travis we've got sure stalled car in Queens making a massive Grand Central Parkway having was the store was sitting in the center lane right to be alive he and traffic is jammed up solid jackass to turn by the I itself really not much better those stalls no accidents or anything else from an awful lot of morning body that is bumper to bumper pretty much from across are parkways down to be doing now, we've got to transform a fire reported a Manhattan police as a result of shut down is forty nine speaker 36 that there are problems on the avenues themselves Thursday by but you just tech last point out is supported by that.