Listen: "It is the National Football League"

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Joe Robbins
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Could just be the guy and see what he could do because we may not ever really see in Cleveland he was fascinating to me in Year one and since then he has not been fascinating to me nothing about him fascinate to me when I watch him the last couple years it looks like such an average run of the Mill quarterback camp really throw it with the best no longer runs with the best he's just a guy out there so I'm not I'm not bullish on what Cleveland has well yeah I'd like to Vince that he didn't do it again I just it I mean it was just a member ration it was just a fluke what he did his rookie year it was just like me into the bottle will never see it again I guess they could be a I mean that was a lot of things came together for me was young and healthy and in awe fence that promoted his running and it he won beaten down by the NFL by being sacked unbeaten Upton injuries so no will never see that again probably not who knows what will see with our G three in a Browns uniform and that is the National Football League it is a league that has talked about year-round you talk about leaguewide popularity at an all time high of the the TV numbers just keep going up each year but this league.