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Listen: "If you are in the same region as Kentucky, and they're sitting on the four or five seed, how happy are you"

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Andy Lyons
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Once he the probably will get to see your three Seat but if you are in that sticking Legion the Kentucky in their stint on the four or five see how happier use your Millen over a year and a battle of anyone wants to see guys that's that was tournaments a good game Monday night with Miami beating Virginia and home in terms of the way that's stacks up a knee ACL beatable when was that for the Hurricanes it was because the Cup until up until tonight I had the Virginia as the one the seemed and right now this knock them down to a to see and frankly Miami is in the discussion to be a one seed you know if you're looking at the C's the to really tight conference up at the top and intend to think that the team that wins the easy Steen will probably get one seeing although it may you know work out that way this year but looking at North Carolina Miami Virginia and against Duke so is kind of in the mix so easy seeing that is in the top of their conference I think we can make an argument is better than the Big twelve it's been doesn't and the team that is the Big twelve but to me look all those teams that I just mention all four of those teams could be one teams do it's probably a bit of a stretch but it could happen if they win out know when their conference tournament report Green FoxSports Hawkins of college basketball in terms of where on something you talk about the Big twelve best Conference what other Conference's is why they're all close to with that has been very interesting this year for you I think the eighty CCS is definitely one of them but it's about it interesting conference let's look at the big and there are so many surprising so reliant in the Big Ten this year Iowa team that announcing anyone would call down the top and seeing billion this season that they were wearing something like forty first or forty second going into this season that the team would win it systems when your roster we have all upperclassmen starters and then all freshman sophomore bench and the way and other than sliding a little bit lately but that is really where most impresses stores in college bats will Marilyn might be the most talented team the country yet they just want to Minnesota team that had won in months and of course Wisconsin what they've done that there really struggling to be in this season than obviously pull run in the surprise retirement and great guard at them running I'm doing my bracket right now for FOX Sports back on and I have the they comfortable in the field the depth we have Wisconsin the field of course Michigan State like if you're going to pick the favorite to win it all you wouldn't be wrong to say Michigan State because the star seeing and down time you get coaches been there and tried a lot of solid pieces around you've been Simmons in the AHL issue Tigers Domingue PNC doubly tournament is that it doesn't hurt the FCC almost looked good for this cc's a purpose easy I think is slowly becoming more of a basketball conference risk and take a while the putting money into some big-name coaches in the conference So it's more than just Kentucky but maybe it definitely doesn't help when you know going into the season there were some so too kind storylines In that the scene that was of course Kentucky in the and and Ellis you when you have a guy who's a you know maybe even once in a generation that's where the fact that days right now look like they're not going to make the and see that when tournaments and they might not be able to make it in less than a year when the FCC tournaments get the get that automatic bid that was the most disappointing stories in all of college basketball yeah the when we've seen the season.