Listen: "Helped me out here, from The Chargers"

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Donald Miralle
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It's gone are Chris you don't know if you're grades are you part would like to talk a bit about cowboys short among noted preferred had a member in Paris bound will quite a bit just him out leverage thirty-three say he the corners helped me out here for The Chargers and I know is that they also went over okay Eric Weddle in your research yes Chris Eric Weddle okay I thought if they found Ward played warned that when you're going and pick in Defensive Player Report fickle would you try to trade backwards when I'm in there and possibly through other pitched like a second or third round I would go out in and bring in the best player that's on the board if I feel like I'm I'm going to go out there and get a high impact player sit their fourth overall and I can go on give myself an edge Rusher I'm going to go out there and do it your search that's the way I would look at the Cowboys draft with the fourth overall selection and with armed quarterback situation would you try to find their quarterback and Mel and that is an interesting interesting in particular Dallas is an because they're trying to win it all little to no Conference a Romo's collarbone can hold up to the hits over the course of the year in you know they did a process where they were I guess shaving the Pole minority try a re generate bone growth try make it a little bit stronger some of the fear is is that and not the Fear the realization that of medically that now that probably will not be able hold up over the course of the entire NFL season but the bone is a look a lot more brittle now than it was even after the second-to-last on that April if obscene there and I have high mark in on if via the high Carson went so one of them it's going to go with a clue to The Cleveland Browns the second overall pick I would probably go out there and an draft a quarterback I would not be totally against that I really wouldn't be but it's really how my Draft for does play out and if I really believe I am getting back kind of a franchise quarterback because we do know this find in those guys and have the opportunity to bring those guys in doing far between set out so Ventura California Cho CBS Sports Radio.