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Listen: "They beat the Panthers at their own game"

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Al Bello
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<silence> and with Westbrook Chris Myers one of seven sacks tying a Super Bowl record for Denver Von Miller beat Md I may just as we talked about John Elway the quarterback now in the front office putting a team together Wes and there's tells you something about the Broncos how they did it in most teams you can get players homegrown being taken from other places T. J. Ward played in Cleveland but keep to leave was and tempo they want to some other teams along the way Griffey when do what knowing what store was and St. Louis before going to Baltimore these of the guys that made up the secondary for the Broncos I got DeMarcus Ware and and they want their Super Bowl Champ insert when they were winning when they were in those location so good coaching good acquisition and the defense just really took down they beat the Panthers of their own game all year the Panthers fifteen and was because they got out in front cam Newton most of the time he had some comeback wins they didn't turn the ball over their defense dominated meaning Carolina during the year but this was all about New England or Denver got past Pittsburgh in New England takeaways against the Panthers and then their defense held on that the kept them from coming back to what I think I'm obviously John Elway deserve a lot of credit the acquisition seem made I mean Von Miller and the speed of these guys I think if you kind of understand how fast these guys are there faster than most running back so they were around the in this of Carolina before he could blink but you know John Elway you know made a decision to fire John Fox he brought in the he could be Kubiak everything is work but you know just how fickle sports are Chris we talked about it during a break to you remember when Denver was playing in Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh had the lead and they were driving down the score again and then the fun the fumble by Pittsburgh on it changed everything a whole road either Denver given the chance of Brady leading the Patriots back right they get that if they get the conversion I mean it's a different and the Broncos think about two years ago when they were in the Super Bowl and were embarrassed urgency three years ago but two Super Bowls before this one where the bad snap it started with the badge with the Peyton Manning in the safety and Seahawks crushed the Broncos the Seahawks get back have the Game one but have the interception Malcolm Butler takes of from Russell Wilson and changes things show dramatically I You know what we played for next year's Super Bowl you can look at these odds and and pretty much the the Broncos and Patriots have dominated the AFC in the last decade as far as representing you've had a team from the NFC West Seattle San Francisco Arizona was in there if you want to go back to the game when they had the Kurt Warner up against the Steelers so it's it's wide open I think the odds of somebody breaking through if I did just look at those favored teams I mean Cincinnati could look back on their season and say what might have been had Andy Dalton stayed healthy had but says perfect played a little bit more intelligently I just look at these numbers right now the Steelers probably you said to me who from the AFC would be that would be of the Super Bowl if they're healthy if everybody is healthy Roethlisberger minute with a was late below so early in the year other last receivers I think Pittsburgh would be Mike choice ahead of New England or in the Denver Cincinnati from the AFC what was Houston's odds Houston the Texans yeah reason and saying that the quarterback I understand but that you know I know him he to one but again but they were forty the won their lore odds and then the Rams and Raiders but I mean it's right but I would say this Houston is that close they are in my opinion eight quarterback away yet there d family J.J. Watt again the Defensive Player of the Year I will yeah I'd I don't know what we love Hopkins or receiver their running game is gone a little bit but there's ways to get around that the reason I thought Tampa Bay I think Winston showed great ability he's got receivers they'd made a coaching change where the team should go forward I think Oakland with Derek Carr has a quarterback reels of experience coach the Rams reason I what you know he other move their settling into Elway they have all the pieces accept a quarterback so if they get somebody along the way we're Case Keenum becomes a big good enough point guard to get him into the the postseason those are your fifty to one long shot so what you know it's there but at that number for a reasonable top more specifically about Vegas.