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Listen: "Crude futures fell to $31.62 a barrel"

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Ramin Talaie
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Kevin and it is time seven twenty-five now at times academy business report here's John daughter dinner from Bloomberg Business investors just fell short of string together three straight winning sessions but averages did finish today in a lot better shape them where they started it the Dow down seventeen points the NASDAQ up six yes and be losing about one investors had been selling all dang on the six percent drop in oil prices crude futures Delta thirty one dollar sixty two cents a barrel but investors finished the session posted a breakeven point Ed Dyke you have North Shore wealth management tells Bloomberg investors are turning their focused matter earnings if Wall Street's reaction after the bell to Google's parent company Kerry's through mid tomorrow alphabet will replace Apple is the world's most valuable company by market cap alphabet is working in artificial intelligence stop driving cars and health technology but advertising on Google's websites is paying the bills and then some tech startups kidnap seek seed money from big bird Stephanie street workshops partnering with the venture capital collaborative fund.