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Listen: "You've got UNC and Indiana, so North Carolina the one, Indiana the five"

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Lance King
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You've got Notre Dame is a fix Wisconsin of the seven Soho K lower and be a leap at least in terms of Feeding but you got UNC and Indiana North Carolina no one in the out of the five on the other side of the bracket which is the left side the South Kansas and Maryland a one and a five Miami is a three Avila no missed the two and then in the West Oregon as the Wine barely Duke as the four in the defending champ a them by the hair of the Genie Ginn Chen against oh you're so NM as a three and you as the two sacks and in the West you've got a top four seed in the South you've got for the Top five and we love not that but the up that obviously clear the path for a lot of the big dogs and a lot of the chalk and then continued to advance what are the moments that you will take away from The first few days that you will not forget eight five five two one two fourteen two seven one deftly get back to your phone call after the top of the hour game said on Twitter Middle Tennessee State beating Michigan State is on forgettable absolutely that thing that thing the problem this thing that's your moment of the little guys I just think how close Michigan State was to be no one feet it one to Big Ten championship they won the Big Ten in the regular season and there were so much debate about why Virginia got the one feet and not Michigan fate we never had affixed team to beat a wind but that's how close the word no someone fed that Middle Tennessee State wise seated far lowered Bennett should have been so I guess you can argue about that amongst yourselves I John head of on Twitter pretty tipped by Rex Lugar of Notre Dame tough loss for Steve enough Boston Northern highly shot beating Texas was amazing Texas kills me every year yeah there are some teams that I right away but get me every year too four they fit was an amazing weekend for Sparta it is Dating longer to stop visit O Reilly auto parts for the spring break feels event take advantage of a riot Lee's due to write read a hinted twenty dollars give guard by man when you buy that a break best the leg pads and a pair of rotors coming out he was the mood Le Veon Bell college and the NBA on Saturday after hours with Amy laureate CBS Sports Radio.