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Listen: "This became a big win for Indiana"

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Stephen Dunn
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Be ready a lot of them played today we got a lot of basketball to get to in the end suitable a tournament we continue to look at the Sweet Sixteen NFL's Making news that always done for throwing there's always something the buzz about is a couple of new rule changes were implemented nothing to major but still they're trying to throw some stuff out there even college football Jim Harbaugh thrown some guards at Ohio State is trying to throw it right back yarder to get into the Indiana Hoosiers with might be Grammy joins us from rivals dot com that's the bottom of the hour thirty minutes from now Tom Creen just give me a quick background Tom Creen arrived in Bloomington and the still Hoosiers at the time never Calvin the other team that was a mess they were get new MCW was all over on them is just a disaster he came in for Marquette we ended up a little bit had the team kind of playing well and want to determine all that good stuff reigns Philly who's going going well then a couple bad year is really hit the Hoosiers hard and this year he was on the hot seat a pretty well and that there was a couple of people thought it was going to make a run in this tournament or Tom Creen coming out of a job well he beats Kentucky in a very big big when it just wasn't big because it come to the Sweet Sixteen lotta bad blood between the schools because Kentucky and job Yost Jon Keller parity in particular wanted game the Indiana game to be in a neutral site a lot of it is rather he'll split the revenue because when Kentucky travel to travel well so there's a natural believed to get you don't get a piece of that all night and they want you want to do neutral site games and they said no one should come to Bloomington assembly Hall here and they said not also the discontinue this rivalry this series but I've been around for quite a while was coming come a cool to have as well as college basketball things it was you could count on so this became a big big win for Indiana and now Google Play North Carolina's will get to take on the Hoosiers.