Triathlon Competitor Danielle Mclaughlin Opens Up About Her 'Dark Time'

Triathlon competitor Danielle Mclaughlin lost her left foot when it was amputated following a recurrence of Synovial Sarcoma. Here she discusses how she overcame the tough times.

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Angela Weiss
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understanding, he's or a little scared of you we got that, four, the, first you were the first female adopted athlete to ride every mile, I tell selfless Foundation's million dollar challenged at six hundred and twenty, eight, Miles when was this Ware was this Andrew why, so and twenty fourteen, and was celebrating night ten year cancer versa I had survived tenures cancer-free and it was a very significant, anniversary for me I mean there were dark days like I said and, I wanted to do something that was different than anything I never done and I had always been Cano week on the bike part, and I had heard for years that million dollar challenge West, so my signed like adult summer camp and you you get to ride with some of the top Hot donors for C.A. after everyday up and down California, Ok so we go from San Francisco to San Diego for six days, and I thought, that's a pretty good challenge I think, we hundred miles it that way, yeah,