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Listen: "After your first weekend without any football"

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Nick Laham
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Even know you're not no idea <silence> the social media figured out <silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> starting on our work week even though it is theoretically a holiday weekend and know now because the Valentine say how many people out there thought it was a holiday because of Valentine today but that's not Holiday but it is a holiday weekend for a lot of people know Banks no post office is the type of staying on Monday Presidents Day we are here we are working we are here for you and I'm hoping that you survive without too many with Rawls after your first weekend without any football it was a relatively quiet weekend to not a lot of football news theoretically when I theoretically technically teams can now cut players and we've seen a few cuts teams can't make any trades they can do any of that time official business but they can cut players they can start to clear salary well start to have a lot more of that in the next few weeks as we get toward the beginning of March the actual pickup was a relatively quiet weekend except for one that one explosive column written in the New York Daily News about an incident in Peyton Manning's past and you have been asking me all weekend my reaction a lot of you a lot of tweets a lot of Facebook pose I appreciate those of you who can remain said all those of you who are not too well I've given you plenty warning but I've done a ton of reading this weekend and I've thought about it a lot and I'm ready to give you my reaction it after hours with a new Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio.