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Listen: "Colby Lewis pitched against the Tigers in the ALCS"

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Leon Halip
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You know Colby Lewis Price against the Tigers in the ALCS he should have known that should know Colby Lewis dominant more to a's like Wells are very popular Ranger I feel like you should know in that one right to be the Colby Lewis was I thought the easiest one of the five anyway then Dyson it as a baseball player means but with the Royals all those years that we got him but he wasn't said close the next one Sam Dyson and the her to him they didn't get the good Dyson the outfielder for the Royals and that's you're right now is he ran out that that's not bad really when it's the Texas Rangers forty man roster Sam Dyson even better Dyson about that is that he's put it in seven major league baseball career stats as a pitcher already have him as a pitcher alright two four eight five three nine ninety-seven ninety-seven off the air first person who knows whether this person is a New York Ranger a Texas Ranger I get to see the New York Rangers.