Carly Fiorina Talks About What It's Like To Hang Out With Ted Cruz

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if you're Reid all be the stories at a been written about Ted Cruz so he is is the sky that sort of ay for lack of a better term Ace social Reid Jack so I I I mean I wanna know what youlike what see what's alike hang around Ted Cruz well that's that's an interesting description of them I mean he has a lovely an incredibly accomplished life he has to beautiful daughters who clearly adore him i've met a lot of people just in the last day hairstyle who've been his lifelong Franz look there is no question that Ted Cruz instincts dream only intelligence and very accomplish guy you know you don't get to argue nine cases in front of the supreme court had an we can, unless you're kind of a Brady act it's also true that I know the some personal experience when you challenge the status quo I mean that's what I've done all my life that's how you go from Secretary ACLU challenge the status quo we need challenge the status quo which is what leadership requires you do more than Russell centers you make enemies I've made my share fair share of enemies and sell this Ted Cruz