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Listen: the big night game from Austin Rivers who had a season high 22 of the show

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Kevork Djansezian
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Now with no lays down trending sports stories I'm will put on the beast nine eighty kid you're running hit a twenty-six point performance the lady Ellie Clippers two-way one twenty-two one seventeen victory over the Charlotte Hornets once they nine the big night game from Austin Rivers who had a season high 22 of the show possible that the right side of Austin Rivers for a good look at all the way down star her Austin Rivers was nineteen seventy Rivers tonight seven of 11 from the field one two points timeout Charlotte Clippers if not an Blake Griffin with them they have resigned into any free guard small lineup then turned some things around offensive link Rivers talked about these freedoms of the three guard lineup provide to this new look Clippers off fans will spend this Only the Swiss star defense Defense and Best since everybody done that so I think us first million in opposite so simple fun things play for each other The Clippers have won four straight homecoming humble Roenick then they'll fun finish off the calendar year with five consecutive wins as they are in New Orleans on Thursday to take on the Pelicans amended 10 and 21 pre-game coverage with hardcore clippers begins at four tip time is the five in right here on your new home for sports the beast nine eighty yellow Lakers closed out the twenty fifteen calendar year on a winning note beating the Boston celtics one twelve the won all four Kobe Bryant a double double in the final game in being down 15 point 11 rebounds and also one home with eight member to be so they solve the arcade Lawrence TD Garden good thing for too long time novels recognize with Colby historic achievement celebrating his retirement Lakers won't play again until 2016 they'll face the to win this evening Sixers back home at Staples Center Yeah like gains facing off on Thursday against Edmonton oilers they've by few victory for the Kings they play Thursday against the Calgary Flames claims.