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Listen: "We were asking this question before since Anthony Davis last night went off"

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We rescue this question before since Anthony Davis last night went off he becomes only the third player in history to have fifty points and twenty rebounds in a game Shaq and Chris Webber the other two guys amazing hit fifty nine in twenty last night and sell he's not in there the whole with his career is cool ticking down when his you get a win a title category of because he's still so young but Anthony Davis has played on some bad Pelicans teams did you Davis is eventually get to a point where you feel like man is he ever going to get a good team to really compete and so I question this morning was what's the player you'd most like to see that hasn't won a title finally when one of the Indiana to me it's derail el a big Kevin Durant's fan and I really really like to see him finally vindicated in winning a title but the guys in the middle of the Western Conference this year with a tremendous OKC to him and obviously play with Russell Westbrook those two was a one two punch you feel like in any given night can beat anybody and yet he's a West where he's got Golden State on one side San Antonio the other side even if he gets through those he's got Le Brun the Cavaliers the other side potentially the and be a finals I got the put Kevin Durant's as my guy that I'd most like to see finally win a championship eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four two two said so since we're doing the the morning show are kind of sliding into somebody else is shell one those were great job le both those guys was guys are really funny into a really tremendous morning show we felt like we would take pieces of all their shows here on CBS Sports Radio.