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Why We Love The Underdog

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 you actually have a a a category wife Eva teams like the Cubs them at until this year court any franchise from Cleveland leveraging for a loser is an addiction to turn into addiction will bet you the today I mean you know I think a lot of it is. You struggle so much with these teens in an you live and I with them and what it does is that in the good times good to reduce towards the value of winning right to use it to enough bad make games is it do enough Jose race was a batting title and, leads the next year and RADD with this I am leaves a next year and all sorts of losses in you know don't try understanding of the plate when he finally get to the World Series could feel different than if you're Cardinals than we do this and life to right that the higher we work or something but it's not just no paying again it's the faculty changes the value in what we talk about in the book is something called this IKEA. And I'm like Yes intro where IKEA has phenomenal high rating among consumers people can figure out we're gonna build this myself that makes no sense and what they found is that people struggle build these guests and they're sitting there with the instructions and they could swear they didn't send us crews are you happy and let go very pieces left over your ready to you Dow drives impressive we finally bill that guess it's still sell satisfy because you struggled through it that you value that gets rehired David think exactly with the Halloween that you you value that higher than you probably ought to because you invested so much trouble and. You were but he put this idea of the same thing is true when you struggle with the Steve there so much effort that is in the reading for a Cleveland team are you know that that matches example we used when he finally do when, it feels like different than when your Yankees banner Patriots and you're not thing they don't want to root for a winner just that it becomes this fabric of their lives almost a return loser here was it's a little bit like rushing a fraternal you're soaring your join going to another this nation right here you have to wanting to