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Listen: "I laughed when the Rams made their trade"

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Dilip Vishwanat
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Dot com in Europe boring Paul ring hall during these names in that they're coming in on base but they're coming in on Twitter what should we name our future court of law segment where listeners can debate a controversial issue in sports and where yours truly is the Giants to get at a wall radio are on our based on page of after hours with a new Lawrence well let's talk about what's it like Christmas for that guys to cover the draft joining is on the rain federal hotline again Abreu glared who was the CBS Sports NFL senior draftee analyst and he's got drafted by goal but those Collins drafted by Bowl rings that nobody is easy to use cloud Volin solutions for your word foursome business communications made fumble for more information go to ring French all dot com again a lot of things at the top of the draft a lot of speculation about what might happen with these two quarterbacks I like to Tufte when The Rams made their trade to move up to number one and instantly you had conjured inking sources one predicting that Jared Goff one get taken.