Listen: "We start the day with the retirement of the iconic Peyton Manning"

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Patrick Smith
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Though the effort and this is Mike's on Francis on the fan on the seventh area Marchand went there is over you can feel it with this on your face you can feel it with the weather tomorrow to be seventy degrees and has a lot going on free agency Indiana Feliz upon us you can start negotiating now the period opened an hour ago he'll have the season and spent create easy opening on the ninth at four o'clock in the afternoon you have Bulls Spring Training underway now you have to Big Games tonight local games with and say title invitations on the line so you have posture there were a bit incredible job and we have under and I was guilty is everybody in the media New York we have completely on the play this Lawrie Khalid has done an and insanely good job with austria and then you have iota of this evening to play incidents a bit will ask loose on today will Omaha luck on today we saw today with the retirement of the iconic Peyton Manning and this is a very very much of milestone day in the NFL that there are very few times where we're time it actually changes the space and the fabric of the league this is one of those times it's all going about the only player in the history of the league to win five MD piece it talking about the player who by a wide margin has made more money than anybody else in the history of the league you're talking about a guy who completely there's only two people who ever ever modeled or re modeled the quarterback position and the NFL's Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning peyton Manning will be so slowly messed it will be He is a virtually irreplaceable that is how important he has been the National Football League you can lose a Brett Farve you can even those of Joe Montana peyton Manning changed the face of the position and was that important to this league as a personality and there's a face of this league he has been there every day.