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Listen: "He can't do that anymore, so I think inside he thought I could still be the Kobe of old if I could just get passed this ache"

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Stephen Dunn
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Ever quit right now all anybody but and he did by Jason aired but is also remember Kobe's competitiveness and his drive and his will to get through injuries he can do that anymore so I think inside he thought I could still be the Colby of old if I could just get past this Aiken this pain but now it's an age thing it just can't bounced back to weigh did before he cares Roy said Duchene only months made why we feel could were behind the scenes and told him on the seems quickly on L.A. everything weeks anyway terms so much has come on say and so started organization franchise this week to make their plans in terms of how to rebuild the Kings are to it I don't think he was really think about them making their plan so I see what he said all played fifteen minutes like Tim Duncan exactly instead of revise way and you figured out or even Kevin Garnetts whose we still even Ortiz retiring of course he doesn't have the the Colby lower behind him but he by just call it quits next year this year and who cares right right yeah he's under the kind to era plus it's on the bench every game also insist call these running out of steam and energy so too are we run.