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Us Weekly: Brad Pitt Under Investigation For Child Abuse; Video Supposedly Shows All

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Anthony Harvey
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There is an indication that there was security camera footage and that this video is out there showing in all took a show us weekly says that there is a video all they're saying that the reason that brad is being sort of careful about describing the incident itself with maddux is because he's not sure exactly what's on that video that's what else weekly ascending that it and and i will say that are source did not indicate that there was any physical contact rate however i will also say that she this the source by the way call us please we can talk to you on the other sideline kicks in one one all seven one we want talk to you on the air we'll talk to you know i wanted to and there are we do want touch and do that he won't she told me she would not do that today all not today it yesterday when she called are show she said she would not go on their okay well yeah if she does go on the air we're not going to reveal her name and she can you you know talk like a sale talk like on the ice he did but he even if he doesn't we're talking here calls back okay because he said that she would go back to her significant other to get more information so it's like the drip trip drip thing we got a story out of runner and then yesterday it we got more he has to keep going back to the well because apparently the guy who works editor nationals balls he's on a hunting trip so does like you ninety eight this will get a few beers in them and that all call you okay charlotte we're hoping that happens again all my guy harris said he will accounts of minor by if i'm not here donnie obviously even if he woke on the or get as much detail as he's earned him because i will tell you of course people are listening and people been paying attention and isn't throwaway bradley very technologically savvy isn't there like app on your phone that can disguise your voice just i'm ended his speed and to the ball at this point just do a german accent yeah rob does not like kanye that happened andy and eighty nine golden state earlier this in this story is who important tonight you know get as much as we can because honestly.