These Are The Letters Ted Cruz Sent To Bloggers

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Jarrett influential conservatives Blogger, [Music], I got a list of names in fun numbers for Colorado delegates which is huge number are bound, I did reverse phone searches in came up with a list of mailing address this is from the crews people, Ok [Music], I did a reverse search, the phone search and came up with a listed mailing addresses for a lot of these on down delegates I wrote letters to them saying that Cruz has been the most consistent, about renegotiating their rainy in jail, they should go for him perhaps you in your followers can do the same stuff in the bloggers here, attached is a list of an Batum delegates for Colorado and their mailing address this I also noted their phone numbers in case you thinking it's better to call, two, the delegates, yeah but anyway want to accommodate longer, Federer bloggers in the state, conservative radio host Yeah in the states can like what happened in Wisconsin, wow, gear couldn't this miss of the one that when it to Saint Louis says, gear Kerr supporter a true friend of freedom, saturday's cocky stay Missouri just like the first round of delegate to ultimately Goedde, Cleveland he's probably no, first vote in five of the Congressional districts or pledged to Trump, and in the other three to Cruz however on the second ballot Chavez delegates of the Congressional dissed or Caucuses on April thirtieth, and the state convention on May twenty-two twenty first in Brands then be crew supporters and we do this across the nation than Ted Cruz can win the nomination on the second ballot how can you help, you can agenda local caucus in your local Tanner County go to the state Republican Party website to find location arrive in our early, and seek to identify the crew supporters even better, take all your Chris friends and family with you had be a delegate to the Congressional caucus and the state convention, whoever has the most numbers and a likes their state will prevail, so in other words, you know in their N.B.A. dazed, you can say you're for Trump But, be a crew supporter,