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Listen: "Did you know the corporate tax rate, that rate is thirty-five percent"

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Joe Raedle
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So made now why I'm Y congress okay what congress well Democrat's Republicans agree on but are that news be picks but don't picture and that is Our tax code specially art corporate tax cut you know the corporate tax rate that rate is thirty-five percent and hardly eighty corporations paid thirty-five percent affected Reid is about near the middle of the pack globally but our court affectionate is very is very high polls in in their that allow that affected free to go down yet so today fines or announced NFI during our going announcement though not gonna do their deal the whole deal was put together a push because of an version because of taxes because whom fighter was going to relocate her corporate offices in Ireland I think that's where our going isn't Ireland you get a catch rate as much Simpler an easier to deal them lower we have We have one of the highest tax rate in the world but we have all middle loopholes and exceptions of a lot of different industries are favored the brings a dull but not all industries I'm just saw shorthand totals so Murphy and everybody agrees Democratic Republic of Dynamo who you are we all agreed that the path totals really Mass if Canada how to fix no one wants to agree on to fix known so it's a big problem because you're gonna you haven't corporations make decisions based on the code as opposed to as opposed to what's best for the company the shareholders is based on what warts the tax in what can i do about that think about all the Cash said that Apple hole in Off Shore because they want to bring him back you're gonna pay the tax it also shows how corporations having trouble with working on the growth of finding ways to use earnings you know five back to kind of your net via the limit of that because the credit markets from slowing down and out how do you increase profits well what's producer tacked thirty and that's why diversion the central glass jaw it was a call eight eight eight nine.